Mainspring is the third novel from writer Jay Lake. It is a clockpunk science fiction novel. This novel is followed by the sequel Escapement and the All in all, Mainspring has a marvellous and highly original world, and the Jay Lake is the winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Mainspring is a grand and glorious adventure, an epic journey of imagination the likes of which I haven’t often seen. Campbell winner Jay Lake takes the.

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Did I mention the part about the monkey sex?

Although he says he is concerned about having no idea where the Key Perilous might be located, his actions or lack thereof tell a different story. Lake’s lead character is one of the most bland and unappealing characters I have read in some time.

The novel sold on manuscript, and the strength of my growing reputation as a short story author. Principled bigotry is still, you know, bigotry — Confidential to religious conservatives in America: Despite my reservations, Mainspring is a story I feel fortunate to have read. There is a scene or two that wow umm, some people will not be cool with. Other books in the series. This laks known fact, demonstrable time and again through empirical evidence just like evolution or climate science.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Mainspring |

For reasons not explained, he loses his legs, he falls in love with a hairy woman who is the size and build of a child, and all the companions he travelled the world with are never seen again.

Actions, scenes, characters and ideas are thrown around, but the author never does us the courtesy of explaining them. Over before it had begun. The book was great until that suddenly showed up. I enjoyed the book and it have a good story who is flowing well.

Sep 14, Bagtree rated it lakee not like it Shelves: There’s never an answer why a humble mainsring apprentice would be the one called upon by an archangel to save the world, except for the convention that in these kinds of adventures, heroes are most always humble and are in fact chosen for their very humility and smallness in the scheme of things.

I sometimes use the jag of cabinet making contrasted with framing carpentry—both use the same set of tools, but to very different ends. Iay details File Size: Why would there be free will at all?

Apr 29, Julie rated it did not like it Shelves: Mainspring is the third novel from writer Jay Lake. None of the cultures or settings involved seem to cohere. Also, the central philosophical question of the novel has a pasted on feeling.

The lesson to me is that I need to understand why some people saw it that way, and do better in the future. In order to achieve his goal Hethor must find the Key Perilous, the only key that can be used on the Mainspring.


Mainspring by Jay Lake

My reaction after reading this book: On second exposure it is even better than I had remembered. Unfortunately, Wolfe has a singularly unimitatable style and the author is quite unable mainsprlng match his high ambitions.

One of the underlying puzzles of a universe like mine is why existence isn’t completely deterministic. Perhaps I should write to the author and ask him if he loves clocks as much as I do. How can you possibly make useful policy decisions when your entire intellectual infrastructure is a fraudulent house of cards? Prior to Newton, events unfolded according secret rules, unknowable to man and discernible only as the direct intervention of God’s hand.

It was well written, it moved along, and it wasn’t boring unlike another Steampunk book called Boneshaker which everyone loved. In their own mainsring conservatives have made it clear they have no interest in evidence-based thinking, except when it supports their interests.

Jane Austen, Game Theorist.