Mahr GmbH, MarSurf PS1. Safety Instructions. This instrument complies with the relevant saftey regulations. It was despatched from our production facility in. Mahr Pocket Surf PS1 Portable Surface Roughness Tester. “Absolute Mobility” – with Pocket Surf PS1. With increasing manufacturing and machine quality, the. Find great deals for Mahr Ps1 Pocket Surf Surface Roughness Gage. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The Pocket Surf PS1 comes in a complete set. Even with customer service and price protection at the top of our complete customer satisfaction list, we know you want more.

Maplewood NJ, Toll Free: Reduced valley depth Rvk. Product Description Customer Reviews. Maximum depth Rx of profile irregularity. Ra, Rq, Rz corr.

Mahr Ps1 Pocket Surf Surface Roughness Gage

Advanced Search Search Tips. Automatic cutoff selection patented so that even non-specialists are ensured correct measuring results. Phase-correct profile filter Gaussian mah acc. Light Tool Supply will not sell, trade, share or rent your email address. Ra, Rq, Rz equiv.

Error-free operation thanks to an integrated roughness standard. Smallest ,ahr ratio Mr1 of roughness core profile. Parameters 24, with tolerance limits. Thanks to the carrying case, you always have your surface roughness measuring instrument with you as you pass through the production floor. Ra, Rq, Rz equiv. Core roughness depth Rk. In some cases measurements are transferred from the inspection room to production to save time and money.


Newsletter Signup Thank you for your interest in our Newsletter. Components may be too large or heavy to be transported, leaving no alternative but to perform measurements directly on the component or machine. Satisfaction Guaranteed – If for any reason our products do not meet your expectations, return them. Maximum roughness depth Rmax. Parameters 24, with tolerance limits.

Our large selection of inventory lets us fill your order immediately and at a completion rate that is extremely high in our industry. Root mean square roughness Rq. Proof of claim is required. In some cases measurements are transferred from the inspection maahr to production to save time and money. All claims must be made within 30 days of purchase.

Mahr Pocket Surf PS1 Portable Surface Roughness Tester – Penn Tool Co., Inc

Newsletter Signup Signup to receive specials, discounts, and information on the latest products. Phase-correct profile filter Gaussian filter acc. Largest material ratio Mr2 of roughness core profile.

Total height Rt of R-profile. Selectable Number of cutoffs: Display my name with the review. Quick and reliable on the spot measurements ensure your quality requirements are met during the production process or goods inspection.


Selectable Number of cutoffs: Mean width RSm of profile elements was: You will not see our advertised products at a lower price or we will refund or credit the difference. This makes it all the more crucial to offer metrology solutions with instrument designs that provide quick and simple measurement, pw1 comply with measuring standards.

Peak count RPc is the number of profile elements see RSm per cm that exceed the set upper profile section level c1 and than fall short of the lower c2. Look through our website. Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Please wait as we process your request. Be the first to submit a Review.

Lubricant-filled profile valley area A2. Light Tool Supply Springfield Ave.

Mahr Pocket Surf PS1 Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Our customer service representatives are fully trained. Material-filled profile peak area A1.

Ra, Rq, Rz equiv.