The wifi login username password for Linksys WRTN. Designed for the modern office or ultra-wired home, the Linksys WRTN Ultra RangePlus Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router is a. Linksys WRTN Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Coverage area. Data transfer speed. Disliked.

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Linksys WRTN – DD-WRT Wiki

There’s no question about it: This is the N router to own, for now. It’s branded also with the Cisco logo, reflecting that company’s acquisition of Linksys.

linkksys Yet it’s sleek enough to sit next to a MacBook Pro. We would have liked a more obvious label on the button and code used for WPS, though. With help from Network Magic who provided the underlying codethe setup wizard for Mac or PC prompts you with non-techie options, such as replacing an existing router versus adding the WRTN to a router you already own.


When you configure security e. The only glitch occurred when we tried to bridge the WRTN with a D-Link DIR router–to extend the range of both models using a long Ethernet cable–and noticed some serious driver and software conflicts.

After router setup, you have the option of installing LELA Linksys EasyLink Advisorwhich helps you troubleshoot network problems and see a graphical picture of your network. Again, it is based on Network Magic, and while impressive and easy to use, the software linkys also annoy you with pop-ups any time you attach a new Wi-Fi device or lose your Internet connection.

The Mac and PC versions operated exactly the same. The WRTN allows access to the 2.

This means you can enjoy the faster speeds of Other than the bridging issues, the WRTN performed amazingly well on our Ixia Chariot tests which helps predict performance by simulating realistic load conditions –just a hair better than the WRTN–clocking in at Mbps in the 2.


As for distance, don’t expect to connect beyond the front door of your house: That’s a lot of throughput. We even turned on every Wi-Fi device in the house, including a Chumby radio, a legacy In the end, speed is what counts, and the WRTN broke just about every router-speed record known to man.

With the extra throughput, you can expect to stream HD movies to the living room over the 5-GHz band and perform routine data chores on the other, without sacrificing speed, at the same time.

If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the No signal feet: No signal Beyond feet: Email Name Comment Firstname.