Lights Out by HalfFast Page Chapter 2 – The Exodus. Mark was worried about his family. As he walked to his Jeep to get the. Feb 1, Lights Out by Halffast – Free PDF Book. «on: October 10, , PM». A listener to the show named Brian sent this to me. Read about the first 50 pages. Dec 9, A great many of us in the survival/preparedness “community” have read Halffast’s Lights Out. Some, like me, consider it a catalyst; one of the.

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December 31, Please login or register. Welcome to Today’s Survival Forum, share your survival ideas. I began by saving and printing the first 20 pages of this online book, then downloaded it to my Kindle. This book was much better than some of the professionally published works I’ve read recently.

Good character development and story line, while being entertaining and including lots of practical things to think about in prepping.

Lights Out

It’s an EMP attack story I enjoyed the storyline much better than OSA, which didn’t really seem to get started until about half way through Full Member Offline Posts: I so agree with you Hltoppr!!

It’s on Patriots level Unlike ‘Patriots” overt “teaching” element, as you said, hxlffast book shows the social element along with the halffats, which makes it a far better read and way more educational as a result. It has ‘Alas Babylon” beat too. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read on any subject. This book made me rethink many of my ideas about things. I have changed some of my plans for any post-SHTF scenarios. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks there is even a possibility oit being faced with a situation where they may need to take care of themselves and their families without the help of any “government assistance.


Administrator Hero Member Offline Posts: Mike, welcome to our forum by the way.

You also have a nice blog, I’ll put a link on Today’s Survival Show main halffaet http: To know that even one life has breathed easier because I have lived, that is to have succeeded. Thanks, I shall begin to read it at work tomorrow, since I dont have internet there currently.

Lights Out! By David Crawford. Free Online Book

Survival is NOT a kit! Survival is NOT a plan! Survival IS a philosophy!

Too good-must-triumph-ish and unrealistic. Patriots was much better. It just takes this thing called strategy Atomic, Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t mean that it was a fantastic book on military strategy. I meant that A: I don’t believe that.

A Toast to Halffast – Lights Out

Those who prepare and plan together, even in small groups will have a better chance of survival than someone alone. Mike, on that i agree entirely; its well written and shows that rambo doesnt always win. But i still find it very unrealistic and sensationalism oriented. Moderator Hero Member Offline Posts: It appears that this book is going to be published, so the author has taken it offline. Look for it in print. Hero Member Offline Posts: I liked “Lights Out”, over all, and would recommend it for survival reading.

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Short of a nonfiction recounting, there will always be drawbacks to speculative fiction. We must each take our own place, time and knowledge into account when using someone else’s opinion or imagination as a “guide”. Nothing realistic about zombies, but it puts ideas in your mind for escape, evasion, defense and situational awareness. All of these types of fiction are only starter sparks.

It’s up to you to get a good flame going. All the world is Mad, save Thee and me, and at times me thinks that Thou art also Mad. I think “Lights Out” has been taken off line now because the author has an offer from a main-stream book publisher. I found it on Frugal Squirrel’s site, in their fiction section. If the book deal falls through I’m sure he’ll put it back up.

I agree and excellent book. On my Must read list for anyone who is thinking about prepping or who already is. Powered by SMF 1. January 07, March 22, March 23, March halffaxt, March 25, June 12, July 16, August 11, March 11,