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Law No. Establishing the Criminal Procedure Code of the Dominican Republic. Ley N° que establece el Código Procesal Penal de la República . Get this from a library! Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley [Félix Damián Olivares Grullón; Ramón. Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley 4 likes. Book.

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Imprenta Dominicana, 2 v. Unable to control the country effectively, the then governing authorities lsy the country back to Spain in See the Archive Version!

Thereafter the new republic was subjected to a long power struggle between those who wanted to remain independent The Blues and those who supported the annexation of the country to France, Spain or the United States The Reds. Paragraph II Law No.

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The main pieces of legislation regulating the land jurisdiction are: Legislative power is invested in the National Congress, which is composed of 7602 chambers: From to the Dominican Republic was governed successively by France, Haiti, Spain and then Haiti again, until it finally declared its independence on February 27, The island was lej by Christopher Columbus inand was named Hispaniola.

It supports a population of There are two main bookstores located in Santo Domingo which specialize in Dominican legal materials. Furthermore, Article 32, subsections a b of Law No.

The High Land Courts are primarily appellate courts and hear appeals from the Land Courts of original jurisdiction. Third, to define policies, guidelines and directives and develop cyber security strategies and plans to be presented to the Executive branch.

During the 22 years of Haitian occupation – the French legal system was imposed on the island, based on the Napoleonic Codes of The Dominican Republic does not yet have a national strategy or ,ey on cyber security. The legal system reflects the influence of successive occupancy of the island by foreign nations. Bythe Dominican Republic had adopted thirty-five constitutional amendments.


This law repeals Law No. With modifications, this Code is still largely in effect today. It contains a compilation of International Treaties and Agreements signed by the Dominican Republic from toorganized by topics. A well documented historic research of the Judiciary in the Dominican Republic from to This new Code is a comprehensive law governing matters relating to the protection of children and adolescents, their rights and obligations.

Second, to coordinate and cooperate with other national governments, international institutions and other stakeholders in order to prevent and reduce the frequency of criminal activities at the national and international level.

76-022 major piece of legislation related to minors and family matters is Ley No. For large Districts these courts can be subdivided into Salas Halls.

It abrogates the Labor Code and subsequent modifications. Please, Read the Update! The Secretariat for Public 76–02 and Social Welfare is the agency in charge of health services and is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Law. To assure an adequate level of income taxes, eliminate fiscal deficit, and reduce tax evasion, important amendments to the Tax Code have been introduced since year modifying tax figures and institutions.

There are ten Courts of Appeals, one for each judicial district. See also Wenceslao Vega B. The various Secretaries of State and other government offices, such as the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, may issue resolutions and norms which are also binding. The Legal System The legal system reflects the influence of successive occupancy of the island by foreign nations.

The library has no online public access to its resources. Land Courts The Land Courts are concerned exclusively with procedures relating to clearing title to property, registering real property, and resolving other questions relating to real property. Another effort was undertaken by William C. Trial Judges Jueces de Instruction are competent to resolve all issues which arise during a preparatory proceeding, to conduct the preliminary proceedings, and to dictate leu resolutions and sentences in accordance with abbreviated rules of procedure.


In addition to its powers to enact laws, the Congress of the Republic is empowered to increase, or reduce regular or exceptional courts, to approve or reject international treaties and conventions concluded by the Executive Power, and has lye authority to review and approve the national budget submitted by the Executive Power. The Court of Appeals functions primarily as an appellate body and it hears appeals from decisions issued by Courts of First Instance.

The Congress, in its ordinary legislative functions, convenes two legislative sessions per year. There are also special traffic courts competent to hear traffic violations. Justices of the Peace. This legislation marked the beginning of significant reforms eliminating restrictions to foreign investment and promoting the lwy of capital into the country.

ICC – Legal Tools record: Ley No. que establece el Código Procesal Penal de []

The powers of the government are divided into three independent branches: It does not include the main codes. Amigo del Hogar,p. This has meant a profound lsy of the criminal justice system.

Treaties and International Agreements 5. Related laws and regulations. An important reform took place in when Ley No. I t abrogates the Labor Code and subsequent modifications. They regulate the improvement and preservation of the environment, and delimit regions within the country to be protected.

The Public Ministry is composed of the following officials: Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws.