Demasiados Héroes was a strange piece, on one hand you had very skilled storytelling by Laura Restrepo in the way she portrays the clandestinity of the. Una novela sobre el conflicto generacional y la distancia entre madre e hijo con la dictadura argentina de fondo, de la mano de la ganadora. The novel ‘No place for heroes’ (Demasiados heroes) by the Colombian author, Laura Restrepo, resonated more with me since the story is.

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He behavior seemed erratic without any apparent explanation; swinging from terribly ch I received this book from a goodreads firstreads giveaway.

He behavior seemed erratic without any apparent explanation; swinging from terribly child-like to behaving like a functioning adult. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Another Giveaways win for me. He desperately wants to meet him and get to know who this mysterious man in his life is. I have earlier read Restrepo’s other books: Lorenza persuades Ramon to shift to Colombia when they get a baby.

Mother and Father used to be in the “underground” in Argentina during the guerra sucia. The final 5 pages feel rushed, as if the author realized that something needed finally to happen in the “present” and threw together a quick, unsurprising ending.

Mother and son fight, but not with any profundity. I got an advance readers copy of this book, but put off reading it because the description on the back of the book which, incidentally, is the same publishers description here was so dumb.

Parts of it seem to be trying too hard. Since the relationship between mother and son is hard to place due to not being able to relate to the un-ageable son and the “story” about the Dirty War is TOLD instead of demqsiados integrated into the storyline, it’s hard to follow. Restrepo made the focus of the novel about a relationship between a mother and her son, and the difficulties they have in relating to each other despite the strong bond between them. The fact that this particular resistance group doesn’t take any violent measures is a wonderful device for Laura to focus on the social aspects of this time, the feelings of fear and mistrust, the unability to express disagreement, the subtle things that could tell you what do people deasiados think about what is happening.

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Throughout, the dialogue has an uneasiness to it that I suppose I will attribute to translation issues, thus the first 50 pages or so are difficult to get through. Considero que el contexto trae una intimidad de Laura, incluso algo narcisista, incluso infantil frente al no asumir a tiempo la ausencia del padre, y la responsabilidad en esta misma en la vida de su hijo Mateo.

Lorenza manages to take Mateo back and escapes to Bogota. Father couldn’t handle Mother’s bourgeois life.

Recomiendo bastante sus libros y aunque este no logro cautivarme es una joya mas demaisados la literatura Colombiana. Oct 05, Russ rated it liked it Shelves: Restrepo es una diosa de la lengua y esta novela, un hito. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She also won the “Grinzane Cavour” Prize in Italy for best foreign fiction in This provides opportunity for a degree of back and forth between them on how the story is told, what facts are important, how is the narrative being dressed up, etc.

While death of someone closes the emotional door in some sense, the ‘disappearance’ keeps the door open with eternal hope, waiting and driving oneself to madness.

Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes

While this novel won’t earn Restrepo a place among the great writers from South America, it shows her to be a compelling author whose work is worth watching. The real life of Laura Restrepo is also as fascinating as her novels. In this novel, a mother and son are trying to find an estranged father. This is the blurb that made me want to read the book: She was member of the Trotskyist party of Colombia for some time.

Es mas un 3. This story and the story of the abduction and recovery of the son at xemasiados early age by the father form the other two narrative strands. Jun 30, Bill rated it liked it. On the positive side, it’s an interesting look at the way narrative is part of how we make sense of our lives. At “present,” the mom finally grants her son’s wishes to meet his father.


Contains desaparecidos, broken relationships, convincing teenagerness, the humor of families, tender descriptions of Buenos Aires, and some really compelling writing.

Thousands of young people from the middle class believed in their noble cause and plunged into the resistance movement with a romantic revolutionary fervor. Ideally, I’d rate it 2. Yes, it held my interest but it jumped around too much and focused too much for me on this story with Mateo, her son, who I found to be an immature and pretty much annoying character.

Another one of my criticisms is that I didn’t care for the writing style. Anything goes as this volatile pair battle it out: Restrepo praises the courage of the mothers who marched in Plaza de Mayo demanding the return of their sons and daughters, daring and defying the watching eyes of the murderers.

Was he 6 or 26?

Latin American Affairs: No place for héros – novel by Laura Restrepo

The mother and lauea son are the only two direct characters in this book; all others appear as described or recalled by one or the other.

Emocionante a la par que devastador relato sobre la dictadura y sus consecuencias. She wants Mateo, the son to grow in peace in Colombia. I would give somewhere between 2 and 3 stars. This could have been a fantastic plot, but demaskados of the characters are memorable and the “Bond” type of plotline from mom’s past is so grazed-over that it’s hardly worth entertaining.

I have read many Argentine dmasiados and novels about the travails of the Argentine society during the dictatorship. Moved back to Colombia afterward.

In her words, this was the beginning of the fall of the dictatorship. I’m only half joking.

Refresh and try again. She gives a vivid account of the good life in Buenos Aires by taking the readers through the lively and elegant cafes, bars and restaurants as well as the discrete but unmissable ‘telos’ of Buenos Aires.