In Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has created a tortured, mature, and completely three-dimensional hero (and mega-sexy, to boot) and paired. In this fourth installment of Gaelen Foley’s Knight family series, Lady Jacinda Knight, youngest of the Knight family runs away from home, only to find herself in . Lady Jacinda Knight ran away from home to avoid a loveless marriage to an old With Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has racked up another solid story in the.

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The review must be at least 50 characters long. I haven’t read any of the Knight Miscellany books, but I recently acquired some mismatched historical romance novels, among them Lady of Desire. In creating her hero, Gaelen Foley has painted a wonderful portrait of a man who, despite his outward bravado, quite understandably suffers from a dangerous lack of self-esteem.

There were just so many things going on in the story that I thought the plot itself in many ways overshadowed the relationship development. Folye all 4 comments.

This made a perfect escape from a bad week at work— at least for a few hours!! And when Lizzie was heartbroken over Alec, he comforted her, and even chided Alec, just because Billy is just a really, really, decent guy. Lady Of Desire Gaelen Foley. A Love to Remember. Unfortunately, Billy and his gang is pinched and end up in gaol.

May ladyy a number of explicitly descriptive love scenes. Paperback Hardcover eBook Large Print. Lady Lucinda Desiree, the heroine, is really too young and silly for b, but she matures at a rather amazing rate as the story progresses.

On the Way to the Wedding with 2nd Epilogue.

Lady of Desire (Knight Miscellany, #4) by Gaelen Foley

All that ends when Billy and his gang are captured by the famous Bow Street thief-takers. While running away from an arranged marriage, a series of mishaps finds her alone in an alley, smack in the middle of the most violent area of the rookery, at the mercy of a dangerous, yet beguiling gang leader, the notorious thief and scoundrel, Billy Blade. My main problem is the lead heroine. Item s unavailable for purchase.


In this ddsire she takes us to the tenements and rookeries of London after the Battle of Waterloo. Buy from our partners. Jan 29, Glamdring rated it did not like it Shelves: The Knight Miscellany 4. Well it is and believe me it probably isn’t the one you think it is. Robert and Desite, Lucien and Alice, and Damien and Miranda from the first three books all played a part in Lady of Desirewith Lucien in particular being fairly important since Billy had been one of his underworld contacts.

Not a likely match, but then again Lady Jacinda and Billy Blade! After all, this is one of the great strengths of her books, how well she infuses it with historical facts and how well she makes her characters more faithful to how men or women act during those times even though the books may end up being unappealing for readers in the present time. I love how much he is aware of the plight of the lower classes, and how much he continued caring desird them even though he went back to his noble roots.

I did enjoy the scenes where he sneaks back to the rookery though. The man I desire. Before she reaches her destination, she is accosted by a young urchin who steals her purse. She stubbornly refuses, but they spend a little time getting to know each other and give into their mutual attraction just enough for Jacinda to discover her passionate side. Out of necessity Billy has become an accomplished thief and lives life on his terms.

Twice Upon a Time. Book ratings by Goodreads. What a wonderful story of true love finding two people in such different worlds who truly needed each other. Jan 21, Cristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: The h meets the H as he has just had a fight with his arch enemy in a back alley, she is crouching in a pile of garbage,but has the mannerism of a queen.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Best Books of For a heroine Jacinda Knight ran very hot and cold. Her attention to history and details really help to bring her stories vividly to life. View all 43 comments.

His gaze flicked up from her chest to her blazing eyes. I ended up enjoying this hugely, without the least bit of guilt. The story got off to an explosive start, but then seemed to loose some steam especially through the middle, and while the ending satisfactorily wrapped everything up, I felt that it was a little too simplistic.

At times it felt like a historical novel with romance in it rather than just a romance, but readers who have a preference for that sort of thing should really enjoy this book. Billy Blade, Earl of Rackford. After reading this historical romance again years later, it is still great book Having some experience with running away from a disturbing past, he understands Jacinda’s need to flee but the fact that she is the sister of one of the men he actually admires, means he must take her home.

Billy had felt thoroughly unloved and unlovable all his life, and to have just a few words be able erase all that, was a bit too easy in my opinion.

Lady of Desire

What bothered me though, was the way she tried to go about getting it. I loved Billy’s early scenes with Jacinda in the rookery.

In just one moment, Billy goes from Bad Boy Billy to a sympathetic hero. Apr 10, Dangermousie rated it liked it Shelves: