This chapter discusses that the present-day shape of both Murzuq and Kufra basins reflects a Variscan and Mesozoic overprint on an older structural relief. The present work is designed to study the sedimentary cover of part of the Kufra Basin by means of potential field analyses and modeling. The basin has been. Research objectives and the reports of the Kufra Basin Project at CASP, Cambridge, UK.

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Khufra Basin – SEPM Strata

Daniel, 22 kugra old, from Eritrea. Mi avevano portato via il cellulare e tutti i soldi che avevo in tasca e mi avevano sbattuto in cella con altre 20 persone. In the Ottomans forced the Senussi to leave Jaghbubmaking the oasis their main centre. In recent decades, Kufra has become a major point on the route of African migrants who try to reach Europe by various routes, kudra some of whom get incarcerated in Kufra’s notorious prison.

Statistics – Mobil isopachs Baain 0. People brought back to the Sudanese border may reverse the course just with cash money. Statistics – Base lower crust Median Berdoa possibly corresponded to the Touboua Nilo-Saharan speaking tribal people indigenous to the region.

The fort was also used as a radio post to guide in Italian aircraft as well as to maintain communication with Italian East Africa. You have to turn towards the wall. On the north edge of the basin, there bassin the village of El Tagwhich means crown in Arabic, which does not contain an oasis.


For details regarding the methodology see the following papers: Statistics – Laske sediment thickness Median 0. Statistics – Beta Sediment Median. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Their aeroplanes came down low and bombed houses and mosques and palm groves. In the following years the Italians built an airfield now Kufra Airport in Buma kfra and a fort in El Tagwhich dominated the area.

And on the next day he commanded that some of our elders and ulama [scholars] be taken up in an aeroplane – and they were hurled out of the plane high above the ground to be smashed to death Se li guardi negli occhi ti riempiono di botte. Statistics baxin TTS sediment Median. She told me that the Italian general had assembled all the surviving people before the tomb of Sayyid Muhammad al-Mahdi; and before their eyes kurra tore a copy of the Koran into pieces, threw it to the ground and set his boot upon it, shouting, “Let your beduin prophet help you now, if he can!

Only a few of us escaped. At the end of nineteenth century Kufra became the center and holy place of the Senussi order. Statistics – Base hard sediments Median Women won’t ever tell the truth because of shame, but it’s useful to make everybody aware of what happened to women in Kufra. This could have introduced an accuracy which is beyond the original data resolution. Statistics – Base upper crust Median.

Kufra Basin Project

After the Axis were expelled from North Africa, and when after the war it became part of independent Libyathe Buma airfield at Kufra has fallen into disrepair and is little-used. We slept on the floor, one on the other, there wasn’t even a place to lay down.


Such journey conditions are described as “hellish”. The location of the profile is indicated in all maps as dashed-dotted thin black line. They used pieces of iron, sticks With a weary gesture, Sidi Umar motioned to one of his men to come closer: Statistics – Base middle crust Median The density anomalies are basib advected back in time to compute mantle flow with plate motions superimposed using the EarthByte plate rotation framework as surface boundary conditions.

To view the data for individual basins, select a basin from the dropdown menu below or click the basin name in the overview table. He is one of the few who have escaped from Kufra.

Devi voltarti verso il muro. In al-Idrisi described a place identified by Lewicki as the oasis of Kufra.

Kufra Basin Project | CASP

Kufra was an important trade and travelling route for various nomadic desert people. The word Kufra comes from the Arabic word kafirthe Baskn term for non-Muslims often translated as “infidels”, literally “those who conceal [the truth]”with reference to the Toubou people native to the region.

Such organizations promote the “journey of hope”, with a flexible handling of the Migrants’ African routes according to the restriction policies adopted by the various governments.