Does anybody know any JoomFish tutorial? Pleaseee Please see JoomFish Wiki, available here: link: mambfish This tutorial shows how make your custom components work with Joomfish Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to. This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla other multi-lingual content extensions such as Falang or Joomfish.

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Please follow and like us: Put subcategories and contents for each language below then in a normal hierarchy. To get a definition of which fielstypes are available in Joomfish such as “titletext, “text”, so onread the Creation tuorial Content Elements tutorial. Pro allows you to create Joomla! This is the main plugin to convert your Joomla site to WordPress.

Then you’re able to loop through the rows array in your view template file. Set the import options You can choose other options. For the purposes of a multi-lingual site, Joomla treats All as a language, so it has to have it’s own menu and a home page set with the language set to “All”. This plugin will manage all your multilingual content on WordPress.

How do I generate a license code?

You’ll be able to see both translations on the same page which makes creation and changes much easier. Joomfisb I have a multilingual site managed by Joomla and Joom!

How can i use JoomFish (or FaLang) with jDownloads?

Select the Language Switcher. How do I make a purchase? When dealing with Joomfish, you always have to select your primary field when you do a query.


The first 6 lines are just simple information to Joomfish. Comment Characters left. We declare the XML version, tell Joomfish that it’s a new content element to translate, Tell the tuotrial of the component, the author name the version of the component, and a small description. Open the menu for the base language English in this example Create a menu item that links to the correct language root category.

Offcourse we set the name corresponding to our MySQL column “greeting” and we also set the translate property to true:. Here’s an example using French: Choose how you want the switcher to look on the site.

Building Multi-lingual Joomla Sites – Joomlashack

After the form submission, user’s All you need to do is submit the email form and access the download link in your email. About a year ago we wrote a tutorial which showed how to build multi-lingual sites in Joomla.

When you return to the menu item manager the flag for the language will show this as the designated home page. For more information and a video tutorial on how to implement a PayPal functionality to an Pro In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple Joomla! You can install the pack before you start or at any phase of the process. It is also possible to get a complete distribution in another language, French or German for instance.

Ep.9 – Create a multilanguage form in Joomla! with RSForm! Pro and Joom!Fish

You may be asked to unzip first before installation. It depends on your needs and on your theme. The default Joomla installation comes with joomfidh English language.


After completing the form. The integration between RSForm! This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla core. Pro and set the Form Id to point to the English version. Pro Content Plugin allows you to publish a Joomla!

Click the Content tab. It tuotrial developed and sold by WPML. The minimum version is 1.

How to configure the user and the admin email in This should be the exact prefix used for the language installed or to be installed. Install the language pack. Click the Home menu item. This video tutorial explains how to use this jopmfish option to translate a Joomla! Any pages you create in this language should have a menu item on this menu, and the Language for the menu item should also be chosen as French.

If you want the words “Language Switcher” and “Main Menu” to be translated, You will need to create duplicate modules with translated titles and assign them to the correct pages.

In this video, you’ll learn how to create tuttorial subscription forms with RSMail! This tutorial shows how make your custom components work with Joomfish 2. Here is a picture of what I have filled out for the French version. You can leave this blank for the base language.

There are situations when you need more than a simple Joomla! Starting with revision 36, the RSForm!