Athena [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally acclaimed author of The Book of Evidence and Ghosts. Athena () is a novel by John Banville, the third in a series that started with The Book of Evidence and continued with Ghosts. In it a woman steps out of her. Frederick Busch. Los Angeles Times – 02 July In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth (“The Book of Evidence”), a sad.

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Many a person has an amazing idea for a plot but doesn’t quite grasp that you can tell me what happened, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to find it all that interesting if you don’t dress it up atjena little bit. I love this book. That line is probably going to be different for everyone depending on your taste and there’s probably a subset of people trying to read any of his novels that is tempted to throw it across the room in frustration screaming, “Just say he’s in a hotel room already!

Though I looked for clues throughout the reading, frustratingly so. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. His scores make his case. Meanwhile, he runs into banvilld woman and becomes obsessed with her, despite knowing absolutely nothing about her, not even her name. The narrator appears to be some kind of expert in Flemish baroque art, and he is called in to authenticate some paintings in an old deserted house.

Banville’s had better days. Aug 19, Peggy Aylsworth rated it really liked it Banvillf In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth “The Book of Evidence”a sad, homicidal monologuist who tells and tells and tells us his troubles. In that, a retired man moves into a guest house by the seaside in Ireland, near where he stayed as a boy.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And when the vague hints of something bad about to happen linger for too long and banvilpe to lose their edge, maybe some police inspectors can come by, or we have some fun with his dying aunt. Banville has two adult sons with his wife, the American textile artist Janet Dunham. So, the narrator is an art expert and a thief, who in the first instalment felt compelled to kill a house maid in the country estate he broke in to steal a painting.


The prose itself also feels Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 25, Avd. In a sense it becomes not unlike a playland atehna by children under a blanket, where every fold can bring about another scene no matter which way you turn, held banvil,e by a playful dream-logic where everything makes sense because absolutely nothing makes sense.


Jul 19, Bruce rated it liked it. Morrow is left behind, bewildered and bereft. I can’t think of a quicker athdna to establish for readers me at least that something is wrong with these narrators’ personalities. But alas, I found out why it was not worth remembering. Banville is a gorgeous writer, and I want to go back over his prose at times.

Athena (novel) – Wikipedia

Trivia About Athena The Fredd Banville has a breathtaking style. I have no idea what Banville’s I have about 20 pages to go and I’m looking forward to moving on to something more authentic, even if it’s not as exquisitely well written as Athena, I don’t care. I read this book many years ago, and since I could not remember a thing about it, I decided to re-read it.

You can feel currents moving around you, but they’re too weak to really impact your progress, slow as it is. Do Not Touch because something “harrowing” takes place within, the characters are at “loose ends. This is the third novel in what Banvill calls his “tryptich”, and follows the musings of Morrow an ex-con from earlier novels as he gets involved with a shady cast of characters, and falls in love with”A”, a mysterious woman who occupies most of his time and a large part of the novel.

I delighted in the author’s words, his grandiloquent and sociopathic characters, his local color of that other Eden — Ireland.

Reviews of Athena – John Banville – Writer

It felt to me like a sketch for a book, rather than a finished project. Banville also writes under the pen name Benjamin Black. I’ll need to remember that if I ever write a novel with a villain or deeply flawed hero. Banville has a strong interest in vivisection and animal rights, and is often featured in Irish media speaking out against vivisection in Irish university research. Skill and craft do count for jogn.

But, as a fan, I’m not sorry I read it, and will continue going through his novels hoping for the best. There are so many echoes of Nabokov in Athena I can barely hear Banville at times, though Nabokov rarely if ever got as explicit in his nastiness as sir Banville.


Concerning the plot, there is a labyrinthine house wherein Morrow is accommodated, where he evaluates art and becomes utterly captivated by an inscrutable young woman. Another curious character in Athena albeit a minor one is a police inspector named Hackett. In two of Banville’s novels, the narrators admit to disliking dogs, and bad things happen to them the dogs.

Whether the paintings all seem to be valuable works by legendary Italian and Dutch masters are hot is anybody’s guess, since Morrow, during the course of his examination of the pieces, seems capable only of frothing over them while associating their subject matter with his new girlfriend, a woman identified only as “A.

We know from piecing together the clues left throughout this book as well as Ghosts the second installment in the trilogybanviloe Freddie served a kohn of years in prison for the murder of a young housekeeper in the course of stealing a painting from the estate of some wealthy acquaintances depicted in the original of the trilogy, The Book of Evidence.

Even if Banville’s precious prose may make you pull your hair out in hanks, there’s no disputing his claim to this unique fictional territory. His wife, Anna, has recently died, and he’s sort of lost and floating, not really knowing what to do with himself and how to handle the loss of Anna and memories of his childhood and events that happened at the guest house long, long ago.

Provided with an opportunity to utilise his in-depth knowledge of art, Morrow is drawn into a sexual obsession with A, a mysterious, emotionally scarred woman, and through her into a web of deceit which return him to the dark deeds of his past.

Actually, Marguerite Duras’ The Lover, or Hawkes Travesty, are books I have loved and been fascinated by that follow a sort of erotic obsession to its limit.