Jáchym Topol, and Norman Manea, who lived during the Communist . www. Readings with Laurent Binet, Erri De Luca, György Dragomán, Jáchym Topol, Daniela .org/article/from-i-cant-stand-still-an-interview-with-jchym-topol. The Devil’s Workshop (paperback). The devil had his workshop here in Belarus. The deepest graves are in Belarus. But nobody knows about.

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Released, he serves him as internet fundraiser and campaign manager helping Lebo become a Holocaust guru attracting ever more tourists whilst local authorities are keen to shut down every memory of WW II: Apparently Lukashenko loves it, so they run it all the time. We couldn’t afford it. Did you and the crew ever go tramping outside the country?

NEW LITERATURE FROM EUROPE In Transit – Czech Center New York

I mean, I still have to write for newspapers and magazines all the time, to earn jchhym so I can take time off to write a book. From then on, I went to Poland instead. Authors will read short excerpts from their books in the original language and briefly chat with the passengers. They can tell I’m nervous, too—that’s what they’re trained to do—and they almost always search me.

But back to newspapers! Getting chased by Bulgarian cops shouting ” Khipis! But the bunkers … I liked sleeping in those concrete huts, medieval castles adapted for rocket attacks. The damp, the sand in the air. Were they making fun of me? As such, details of past traumas are forgotten, if they were ever known or remembered to begin with.

Sleeping in sandy graves, pits carved out by the wind.

The stories I wrote for the national news section at Respekt were what I call, to borrow from Boris Vian, the froth of the day—murder, tpool, the porn industry. This mobile event will take participants on five-minute round trip rides. The strange thing topoo that I woke up every morning almost exactly when the sun came up, as its lower edge touched the water on the horizon in the distance. EU passport holders are in transit, working, traveling, living and functioning easily over most of the continent, and European writers are articulating a new consciousness of this state of motion.


I wrote ropol, but some of it I also managed to put down in poetry, as you mentioned. I’m not sure exactly, but we couldn’t have been too big, because I remember teaching my brother the sentence ” Ich bin der hemeroid.

Any sea was a huge magnet for us. I would pretend I was writing postcards, jcyhm you were automatically suspicious to the working class if you were writing in a pub. Why this particular combination of horrors?

Those were the best times when I was a kid. I wandered along the sea for a few days, through an area sprinkled with bunkers poking up out of the sand everywhere, the sea lapping against them, it was like something out of a movie.

His language succeeds in reflecting the unsettling and uncertain nature of the political climate. The Poles were the most rebellious. So the first reason is my boyhood adventures. They didn’t have that in Poland, and the young Poles couldn’t understand what parasitism was and that you could be thrown in jail for not doing anything.

Geschreven bij The Devil’s Workshop Am not impressed by this short, bleak novel situated during WW II and jcgym in the Czech republic part 1 and Belarus part 2but with plenty of flashbacks. Were they following me?

My work in newspapers has also helped me in one very important way, which is cutting my own texts—not viewing my writing as something sacred, forged in the fire of inspiration, but as material I can cut with a sword, scissors, even dynamite.

I have a love-hate relationship with newspapers, or working as a journalist. Just now I was thinking how that to;ol of needing hchym be of service that drove my journalistic work in the underground and the first few years after the gopol had all drained out of me.


The plan was never fully carried out, but still it resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Eastern Europe and Russia by starvation and disease—maybe millions, nobody knows the exact topll the deportation and expulsion of hundreds of thousands more, with thousands of villages burned to the ground. The Polish junkies’ quests for poppy were legendary.

I killed off my own black nightmares, my paranoia and obsessions and terrors, but the ones who lived through it said: Finally we came to a train station. Walking along, eyes swollen, knees scraped.

Who do you think you are, you cynical little brat? The difference between Romania and the Amazon was negligible at that point. The Czech lands were spared the mass murders that took place in Ukraine and Belarus.

So I kept walking and didn’t crawl into any more fortresses after that.

The Jáchym Topol Interview

You could dream of living holed up out in the country somewhere writing poems, but as long as you lived under that hated regime, the rule was poetics is politics. This is something that goes back to the past, all the way to samizdat. Together with his friends he plays happily in this former Nazi prison, scouting the tunnels for fragments of history under the careful eye of one of its survivors, Uncle Lebo, until one day there is an accident, and he is forced to leave.

He scouts the tunnels for fragments of history until one day there is an accident and he is forced to leave.