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The scene property of the configuration object will be covered in more detail further on in this tutorial. If you’ve gone through the Getting Started Guide you will have downloaded Phaser and got everything set-up and ready to code. Although that isn’t very interesting, it’s useful for understanding the concepts of web workers. Communication between a javascfipt and its parent page is done using an event model and the postMessage method.

Making your first Phaser 3 game: Part 1 – Introduction – Learn – Phaser

However, unlike pass-by-reference, the ‘version’ from the calling context is no longer available once transferred to the new context. The canvas element that Phaser creates will be simply be appended to the document at the point the script was called, but you can also specify a parent container in the game config should you wish. As with any JavaScript logic, you’ll want to handle any errors that are thrown in your web workers. Script execution happens within a single thread.

What if you want to create your worker script on the fly, or create a self-contained page without having to create separate worker files? Some of these include browser compatibility, static typing, accessibility, and performance.


The message payload in this case ‘Hello World’ is accessible in Event. Hence, the failure will be due to cross origin restrictions. Download the resources for this tutorial and unzip javascrript into your web root.

Although this particular example isn’t very exciting, it demonstrates that postMessage is also your means for passing data back to the main thread. The first argument doesn’t have to be an ArrayBuffer by the way. The worker simply returns the message that is passed to it. With Transferable Objects, data is transferred from one context to another.

However, when passing these types of data using postMessagea copy is still made.

One reason for this is that messages passed between main pages and workers alapoi copied, not shared. Keep in mind most browsers spawn separate processes for each worker. When using these techniques to inline your worker code, importScripts will only work if you supply an absolute URI. It is not recommended to run your primary browser with this flag set. Alternatively, you could set the onmessage event handler directly though addEventListener is always encouraged by JavaScript ninjas.

Making your first Phaser 3 game

Say HI Send unknown command Stop worker. It was created specifically to harness the benefits of modern browsers, both desktop and mobile. There are a number of bottlenecks preventing interesting applications from navascript ported say, from server-heavy implementations to client-side JavaScript. Unfortunately all of that can’t be simultaneous due to limitations in browsers’ JavaScript runtime. Fortunately, the latter is quickly becoming a thing of the past as browser vendors rapidly improve the speed of their JavaScript engines.


Assuming your main app is running from http: You can explicitly release a Blob URLs by passing it to window.

Structured cloning is great, but a copy can take hundreds of milliseconds. This is great for further breaking up large tasks at runtime. Game object is assigned to a slapok variable called game and the configuration object is passed to it. The width and height properties set the size of the canvas element that Phaser will create.

For example, it can be a JSON object:.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. That code is extracted as a string using document. When postMessage is called from the main page, our worker handles that message by defining an onmessage handler for the message event.

As a result, the code that they execute needs to be contained in a separate file. If you’re creating many Blob URLs, it’s a good idea to release references that are no longer needed. This will insure the external script is imported from the same origin. Thus, the previous example could also be written as:.

There are two ways to stop a worker: The important point being: To run your app from the file: The magic comes with the call to window. One thing that’s remained a hindrance for JavaScript is actually the language itself.