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Harris pulls no punches, indeed, the first section of this book reads like a socio-political rhetorical Normandy beach.

I see fundamentalism of any stamp — any religion, any philosophy, any political position — as misguided at best and detrimental to humanity at worst. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Until this happens, the author says, the world is headed for not only increased political and social tevesxme, but death by our own making through religious-based war.

Retrieved 10 March He states unequivocally that people of faith are delusional and that it is a travesty that so much weight is given to religion in political decision-making that affects all our lives.

Dawkins has also promoted unofficial translations of the book in languages such as Arabic [83] and Bengali. User reviews LibraryThing member LovingLit.

Since the book was written, we have seen even more of this legislative war on sin. Una luz fugaz en la oscuridad View in iTunes. Archived from the original on 19 April Dawkins attributes this change of mind to “four years of Bush ” who “literally said that God had told him to invade Iraq”.


Richard Dawkins

He anachronistically mistook Thomas’s teveszmd from universal natural teleology for an argument from apparent ‘Intelligent Design’ in nature. Archived from the original on 1 April This book does not hold back on making its stance blindingly obvious.

Retrieved 29 December And I do not recommend this book. This book is basically a call for people to reject religion and begin to think and live rationally and reasonably.

Galaxy British Book Awards. Retrieved 21 December This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat If, as he believes, muslims are so keen to attack non-muslim countries why don’t they attack Sweden rather than those countries that drew teveszmr in the Middle East for their own imperial designs rather than the interests of the locals, those people who decided land that their forefathers lived in years ago was theirs, and those who invade countries on the other side of tevewzme world based on lies?

Radio 3, Heveszme Kong. The Making of a Scientist View in iTunes. Oh, and read some more Noam Chomsky before you spend several pages attacking him in your book, not one page pamphlet. Science in the Soul View in iTunes.

The US military machine may havetechnological weapons which lower the collateral damage, but bothAmerican foreign policy and the use of military technology repeatedlycauses massive civilian deaths.

Also, the constant harping on Islam gets tiresome and weakens his message.

To call this book provocative is something of an understatement – it’s an attack on ideals held very dear by many, from the sanctity of religious faith through to the desirability of religious tolerance. Brief Candle in the Dark: The Four Horsemen View in iTunes.


Isteni téveszme

This is the basic set-up of his argument against the existence of God, the Ultimate Boeing gambit[17] where he argues that the first attempt is self-refuting, and the second approach is the way forward. But he seems unable or unwilling to distinguish religion from faith. Opening the iTunes Store. Retrieved 6 February London Review of Books. He writes that one of the greatest challenges to the human intellect has been to explain “how the complex, improbable design in the universe arises”, and suggests that there are two competing explanations:.

The Blind Watchmaker View in iTunes. Dawkins suggests that the theory of memesand human susceptibility to religious memes in particular, can explain how religions might spread like “mind viruses” across societies.

CEEOL – Article Detail

With arguably no topic in America more contentious and hotly debated than religion oddly enoughit is important to ponder the rationality of stated and unstated religious wars or just one-on-one killings for the same purposes. Retrieved 8 April Print Hardcover and Paperbackaudiobooke-book at Google Books. The Extended Phenotype View in iTunes.

At the same time he shares with us his palpable love of the natural world and the essential role that science plays in its interpretation. WatsonHarvard psychologist Steven Pinkeras well as popular writers of fiction and the illusionists Penn and Teller. The God Delusion View in iTunes. Book by Richard Dawkins.