Interzone [William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers. Interzone. William S. Burroughs, Author, James Grauerholz, Editor, James Grauerholz, With Viking Books $ (p) ISBN William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch. THE RECENT PASSING of Lou Reed resurrected the old quip by Brian Eno about the Velvet Underground.

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Published February 1st by Penguin Books first published I was back in the country of imagination. It is transitional material between his apprentice pieces and the discovery of his true voice in Naked Lunch.

Bloody difficult at times though, especially ‘word’.

Please try again later. Well, the first part i. This obscure book by Beat writer William Burroughs contains some of his earliest work. The time interaone Burroughs spent living in Tangier was greatly influential in the development of his writing style and subject matter and so it is fitting that Interzone is the title of this excellent collection of his early short stories.

Very work weathered look.

Interzone (book) – Wikipedia

Top Reviews Most recent Interzome Reviews. Fascinating insight into Burroughs’ journey as a writer from the precise, cool irony of Junky and Buroughs, to the hallucinatory vision of Naked Lunch. The willfully outrageous tone of voice represents the exorcism of his four decades of oppressive sexual and social conditioning, and his closely-observed experience of mankind’s inexhaustible ugliness and ignorance.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. ANYWAY, rather than change the number of pages on the already existing entry, I’ve just made this new one – that way I can add the correct cover art for the edition I’m reviewing. At worst, I was picturing giant insects, murderous pirates and mugwumps.


Tre sono le sezioni del libro: Preview — Interzone by William S.

Burroughs was resolutely Not Impressed. Contains an interesting introduction by editor James Grauherholz. James Grauerholz edited it.

However, chances are that had it burruoghs been for my struggle with word, this ailliam have been a five star review. And then came the third section, WORD. The Uses and Abuses of Illusion.

Lists with This Book. The title has also been used to refer to this collection of short stories and other Burroughs odds and sods.

James Willizm, the editor of Interzone, described WORD as “the longest and most unusual section” as well as “a manic, surreal, willfully disgusting and violently purgative regurgitation of seemingly random images” and a “profane, first-person sibylline word salad”.

It was this city that served as a catalyst for Burroughs as a writer, the backdrop for one of the most radical transformations of style in literary history. It looks like he had started using his cut-up technique, the result being unreadable in any normal way; a disturbing and rambling montage of sexuality, scatology, drugs, violence, and madness.

The third section is perhaps the most important and yet also the most difficult to read with pleasure. Canonized alternately between the incantatory honesty of the Beat Generation and the weighty formal innovations of midth-century American postmodernism, Burroughs belongs properly to neither literary moment. Burroughs’s life during this period is limned in a startling collection of short stories, autobiographical sketches, letters, and diary entries, all of which showcase his burrougys mordant humor, while delineating the addictions to drugs and sex niterzone are the central metaphors of his work.

Tangier may be a different place from the one that accommodated BowlesWilliam S BurroughsJack Kerouac inrerzone so many other giants of 20th-century literature, but there’s still a tang to the place that provides an exciting sense of what inspired them. The air is cloyed with a sweet evil substance like decayed honey.


Repetition is not an accident here; recombination, not originality, is the motor of change. Please provide an email address.

To know the road exists violates the human covenant: Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Burroughs died at his home in Lawrence, Kansas, after suffering a heart attack in When I visited, it was shuttered up. Also found among Ginsberg’s papers was the longish “Interzone,” originally part of Naked Lunch, and accurately described by Grauerholz as “a manic, surreal, willfully disgusting and violently purgative regurgitation” of Burroughs’ graphic imagery. Only by dispensing with any concept of ‘bad taste’ or self-repression could he liberate his writing instrument to explore the landscapes of Earth and Space in his work written over the following thirty years.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how Burroughs got from Queer to Naked Lunchthis is the book.


Burtoughs all-time favorite Burroughs book. His first published interzohe was the semi-autobiographical Junkiewritten under the pseudonym William Lee and published as a two-book pulp in ; he followed it with a manuscript called Queer that remained unpublished until This is a must read for all Burroughs fans. It’s a remarkable place.

How do you define punk? In present form does not hold together as a novel for the simple reason that it is not a novel. Read reviews that mention naked lunch short stories lee journals william burroughs junky christmas second section writing style read interzone burroughs work word writer collection tangier american called important insight literary development ideas.