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The four sides of the tank each have width W and height D Fig. Determine and for the given design considerations. The circuit elements are as follows: The liquid content of the tank can be measured by using its inductance electromagnetixa determine the height of the liq- uid in the tank. Enviado por Wallace flag Denunciar. The current travels in the same sense around each coil.

You can ignore any fringing effects and assume that the relative permeability of the material of which the tank is made can be ignored.

Take The magnetic susceptibility of liquid oxygen is c Repeat part b for mercury.

BLOG DA TECMER: Aquecimento de Fluídos por Indução Electromagnética (DIFHEMI)

For simplicity, assume that the resistance of the light bulb is constant and equals the resistance the bulb must have to dissipate The inductance of the tank changes from a value of corresponding to a relative permeability of 1 when the tank is empty to a value of corre- sponding to a relative permeabil- ity of the relative permeability of the liquid when the tank is full.


Obtain e,ectromagnetica for these steady-state currents.

A common demonstration of inductance employs a circuit such as the one shown in Fig. A tank containing a liquid has turns of wire wrapped around it, electromaggnetica it to act like an inductor.

Folha 06 Indução

The magnetic susceptibility of mercury is given in Table Switch S is closed, and the light bulb repre- sented by resistance just barely glows. CP In the circuit shown in Fig.

Obtain an expression for the current through the inductor and light bulb as an explicit function of time. Switch S is closed at time causing a current through the inductive branch and a current through the capacitive branch.

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Find the maximum charge that each capacitor will receive, and how much time after the switch is flipped it will take them to acquire this charge. Also, show that they satisfy the initial conditions where and d Deter- mine the time at which first becomes zero.


Does this result confirm the qualitative description of what is observed in the demonstration? One coil has self-inductance and the other coil has self- inductance The mutual inductance of the two coils is M.

Two coils are wrapped around each other as shown in Fig. Electromatnetica a period of time, switch S is opened, and the bulb lights up brightly for a short period of time.


electromagneticca The height of the liquid in the tank is d. The appropriate electronic circuitry can determine the induc- tance to five significant figures and thus the effective relative per- meability of the combined air and liquid within the rectangular cavity of the tank.

When switch S is opened, a transient current is to be set up that starts at 0. CP A Volume Onducao. You are to connect a resistor in series with the inductor, and represents the sum of that resistance plus the internal resistance of the inductor.