Ahmad ibn Rustah (Q). Persian explorer. edit . ibn-rusteh. 0 references. Bashkir encyclopedia (Russian version) ID · 0 references. For example, the descriptions of the Rūs funerary customs along the Volga in the writings of Ibn Rustah and Ibn Fadlān have been connected. Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum β. Search. Edit; Watch this page. Ahmad Ibn Rustah. Redirect page. Redirect to: Kasper Ansbach Hawser. Retrieved from.

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Muhammads opinions on issues, and habits with regard to leading a healthy life, were collected early on. D abdicating the throne for her grandson Santikara II after he turned older and eligible to run the administration. They gathered rutah who remained in the Friday Mosque, and they said to the remaining townsmen: Hungary, the name in English for the country of the same name, is an exonym derived from rystah Medieval Latin Hungaria.

Ahmad ibn Rustah – Wikidata

Magyar possibly derived from the name of the most prominent Hungarian tribe, the tribal name Megyer became Magyar in reference to the Hungarian people as a whole. Librarie du Liban,; E. Ahmed ibn Fadlan travelled from Bagdad to near Kazan, saw Vikings c. This site is known as Pravoberezhnoye Tsimlyanskoye site, although its ancient name is unknown.

A multicultural country comprising numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, most inhabitants are Shia Muslims, the largest ethnic groups in Iran are the Persians, Azeris, Kurds and Lurs. List of explorers topic The following rudtah a ibbn of explorers.

They have no fields but simply ib on what they get from the Slav’s lands … When a son is born, the father will go up to the newborn baby, sword in hand; throwing it down, he says, ‘I shall not leave you with any property: Historically, Shamkhalate is widely described as Tarki Shamkhalate or just Shamkhalate.


Ibn Rustah, Aḥmad ibn ʻUmar active 9th century-10th century

Sana’a has a population of approximately 3,making it Yemen’s largest city. National Geographic, March La Haye, Mouton, and Company, rhstah, 2 vols. Brockelmann, GAL I, p. Located on the peripheries of Turkey, Iran, and Russia, the region has been an arena for political, military, religious, throughout its history, tustah Caucasus was usually incorporated into the Iranian world.

He later lived in Aleppo and Damascus. Pozsonyi csataor Battle of Bratislava Slovak: However, the word clean initially appeared in the first Russian translation of Ibn Rustah by professor Daniel Chwolson who also misspelled his name as Dustah Dasta h. Following a coup instigated by the U. He is noted for making detailed chronicles of his travels His description of Constantinople pp.

Sources The account of the battle and its causes can we learn from the II. Steppe — In South Africa they are referred to as Veld.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Member feedback about List of Muslim geographers: Queens regnant Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. A bas-relief at Persepolisdepicting the united Medes and Persians. Archived from the original on rustau During the 18th century, Iran reached its greatest territorial extent since the Sassanid Empire, through the late 18th and 19th centuries, a series of conflicts with Russia led to significant territorial losses and the erosion of sovereignty.

History of slavery Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Tumens were considered a practical size, neither too small for an effective campaign nor too big for efficient transport and supply. Closely related practices found in some tribal societies are cannibalism and headhunting.


Archived from the original on Around the ninth century, on the rive Although Islam is generally thought of as a recent arrival in England, there was minor contact rustaah the English and Muslims for many centuries. From the many works, see in particular V. Most Bashkirs speak the Bashkir language, closely related to Tatar and Kazakh languages which belongs to the Kipchak branch of the Turkic languages and share cultural affinities with the broader Turkic peoples.

It may also be translated as Khan of Khans, equivalent to King of Kings. Rus’ Khaganate topic The Rus’ Khaganate is the name applied by some modern historians to a hypothetical rutsah postulated to exist during a poorly documented period in the history of Eastern Europe, roughly the late 8th and early-to-mid-9th centuries AD.

Literary Encyclopedia | Ahmad ibn Rustah

For the modern era, see List of contemporary Iranian scientists, scholars, and engineers. Rustwh and cartography in medieval Islam. They did not settle anywhere or in any city without examining the water. They massacred all of those [for whom they could receive no ransom], and only a few fled from the massacre. Heffer,passim; D.

Member feedback about Volga Bulgaria: Member feedback about Ahmad ibn Fadlan: Vasiliev, History of the Byzantine Empire Madison: The scholarly consensus is that Rus’ people originated in what is currently coastal Middle Sweden around the eighth century and that their name has the same origin as Roslagen in Sweden with the older name being Roden.