Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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Such a man is a sincere and devoted lover, and not he who apes the manners of folk with whom he has no connexion whatever, and pretends to a character which belongs to him not at all. You will find a man far advanced in years, who swears that he has forgotten love entirely; yet when you remind him nazm it, he calls that love back to mind, and is rejoiced; he is filled with youthful desire; his old emotion returns to him; his yearning is mightily stirred.

Ring of the Dove

His roguish glance, as I conclude, Has shed such human blood That now his garments are imbrued All saffron from the flood. Nazm my youth I loved hzam slave-girl who happened to be a blonde; from that time I have never admired brunettes, not though their lark tresses set off a face as resplendent as the sun, or the very image of beauty itself.

Movement always takes place from the side of cove more powerful. I considered his character, and observed that he loved equity and hated injustice.

If ocular and aural perception were one and the same, the ubn would not outstrip the ear. So I am alike in consolation and in passion; I have never in my life forgotten any romance, and my nostalgia for every former attachment is such that I well nigh choke when I drink, and suffocate when I eat.

Precisely the same thing is to be found in the case of Hatred: And still the tears flowed down apace, And washed the careful lines away O wicked waters, to efface The lovely things I strove to say! The difference here is the speed or tardiness with hazj the affair passes off. That is a point beyond which it is impossible for anyone to go; neither prosody nor the structure of words will tolerate more than five comparisons in the same stanza.

We were standing on the seashore at Malaga, and I began to feel more and more distressed and heartbroken, yet my eyes would not come to my aid.

The Arabs had certainly known and appreciated the joys of the flesh, long before Islam persuaded them that these were inferior to the delights dovr the spirit.

This is what you see when you look into a mirror; in that situation you are as it were looking at yourself through the eyes of another.

Want to Read saving…. I ask God’s help again. No better beginning can there be for my book than that I should praise Almighty God as He is worthy, and pray for His blessings upon Mohammed His servant and messenger in particular, and upon all His prophets in general. They taught them many other things besides, but these are not relevant to the present subject.


The book is also pretty funny, even though it reads like a philosophy text. I have haz been told of a base and worthless fellow who put his sweetheart’s letters to a particularly disgusting use, that was in fact a horrible sort of sensuality, a foul type of lechery. I have planned the matter thus so that the conclusion of our exposition and the end of our discussion may be an exhortation to obedience to Almighty God, and a recommendation to do good and to eschew evil; which last commandment is indeed a duty imposed upon all believers.

Though poetry was regarded as a suspect pursuit by the narrowly orthodox, even they could sove deny its value as an instrument of religious propaganda; and since religion in Islam soon became entangled with politics, the age-old forms of panegyric and satire continued to flourish in the brave new age of faith in action.

I have o in the first book of the Pentateuch how the Prophet Jacob, during the days when he was watching his uncle Laban’s sheep, to be a dowry for his uncle’s daughter, entered cove an engagement with Laban that he should share with him the offspring of the flock; all the lambs that were of a single colour would belong to Jacob, while every lamb born with a white sove was to fall to Laban.

Yet his soul found no comfort in praying to Almighty God to remove his afflictions; his tongue was not loosed in any petition for deliverance.

There is another variety of verbal allusion, which is only to be brought into play when an accord has been reached, and the lover knows that his sentiments are reciprocated. When we say and feel that one accident is greater or smaller, more beautiful or uglier in reality than another accident, according to our apprehension of that reality, we recognize that accidents differ from each other, in terms of excess or deficiency, in respect only of their visible and knowable essence; there is no question of numerical quantity or physical partition being relevant to them, seeing that they do not occupy any space.

This section is made up first of a chapter on the Helping Friend, then a chapter on Union, then a chapter on Concealing the Secret, and after that chapters on Revealing and Divulging the Secret, on Compliance, and on Opposition; a chapter on Those who have fallen in Love with a certain Quality and thereafter have not loved any other different to it; and chapters on Fidelity, on Betrayal, on Wasting Away, and on Death.

When she reached the mausolea of the Banu Marwan God have mercy on their souls! I wrote a letter to my love She sent me a reply thereto That stilled the agitation of My heart, then stirred it up anew. Some men I have seen, that were given to correspondence, who haam all haste to tear their letters up, to dissolve them in water, and to rub out all trace of them. Now I recall that one day I happened upon him when he was seated with someone who kept hinting at his inward feelings all these suggestions my friend denied strenuously.

I have put this hasm into verse. Had his soul been liberated from these restrictions, the two would have been equal in their experience of union and dovs. When we meet someone, and the pieces of his or her soul match up with ours, we fall in love.


Similarly the fire which is latent in the flint, in spite of the force belonging to fire to unite and to summon together its scattered parts wherever in may be, does not in fact issue from the flint until the latter is struck.

This is due to the reflection of the eye’s radiation against the radiation of the mirror behind you; the eye cannot find any passage through the mirror in front of you, and when it also fails to discover an outlet behind the second mirror, its radiation is diverted to the body confronting it.

Just at that moment, the very person he was suspected of having a crush on chanced to pass by; no sooner did his eyes light on his beloved, than he became all confused; his former sangfroid entirely deserted him; he grew pale, and his well-turned phrases lapsed into incoherency. All these devices are aimed at testing and proving what each is seeking in the other. He examined his features, and saw that the infant undoubtedly belonged to the pair; then he desired to be acquainted with the place where the parents had lain down together.

Still yearning, and disquieted, Still sleepless tossing on his bed, Wits drunken and disorderly With the coarse wine of calumny; He shows to thee in one brief hour Marvels defeating reason’s power Now hostile, now the friend sincere, Now running off, now pressing near As if this passion, this reproof, To be complacent, or aloof, Were stars conjoining, or in flight, Fortune’s benevolence, or spite.

Abu Bakr, as he said good-bye, began to weep, and cited the following verses to illustrate his grief. So, when the tear-ducts overfill The eyelids, and their torrent spill, Be sure, if thou observant art, Love’s painful sickness rends that heart.

And so the Heart, that’s likewise one, Is constituted to love none Except that single darling dear, Be he afar or be he near. In The Ring of the Dove we find these various tendencies and influences meeting together, to form a perfect blend of sacred learning and profane delectation. Take this then for a sure test, a universally valid experiment: He is indeed sufficient for our needs.

The Ring of the Dove

That sweet delight Must end anew; I, dovr yet, Turn slowly, as from heaven’s height The in stars creep to set. Embrace me lawfully I would not give my charms Into licentious arms. Then the lover’s agitation becomes violent indeed, and continues until the matter comes completely into the open; when either the burden under which he has been struggling is lifted, if he has cause to hope for forgiveness, or his trepidation converts into sorrow and despair, if he is fearful that the beloved will thenceforward banish him.

And so, where’re thou dost precede, None following lags far behind, But with thy mounting light to lead All see the way, and triumph find.