HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration: HP Serviceguard was the very first solution for high availability clustering software. Serviceguard uses. Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers (or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for. HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands. This section includes the Serviceguard clustering commands. Closed /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/cmviewcl -v. Output.

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HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands

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To check the cluster status you can use the cmviewcl command: Cluster planning, installation and administration requires extensive knowledge about cluster technology. In this example, however, only one node at a time may access the data for a given group of disks.

A high availability computer system allows application services to continue in spite of a hardware serviceguarf software failure. Docker image Security Best Practices January 19, Minor number of a VG must be same on all the cluster nodes.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A system multi-node package must run on all nodes that are active in the cluster. Any host system running in a Serviceguard cluster is called an active node. Register for an account.

You halt a Serviceguard package when you wish jp bring the package out of use but wish the node to continue in operation. This file defines the nodes, the disks, the LAN cards, and any other resources that are to be part of the cluster.

When you configure a failover package, you specify which active node will be the primary node where the package will start, and one or clsuter other nodes, called adoptive nodesthat can also run the package.

Assign the IP addresses on both nodes and make sure you are able to ping each other using both public interface IP and heartbeat IP.

All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications. Start the cluster from any node in the cluster: Here is the procedure:. Check the cluster configuration: Servicegjard on Working with Syslog-ng on…. The amount of required shared storage will depend on the application requirement.


HP Serviceguard – Wikipedia

Please make sure that the proper security access is configured on node node01 through either file-based access pre-A. Burleson is the American Team Note: Here is the content of the file:. Configure the hardware first. Notify me of new comments via email. There are also packages that run on several cluster nodes at once, and do not fail over.

Subscribe to comments with RSS. Tuesday, January 1, Event Monitoring Service EMSwhich lets you monitor and detect failures that are not directly handled by Serviceguard. Execute the following command to create an ascii cluster configuration file.

What is Serviceguard?

Connect all required network cables. Note that the network hardware is cabled to provide redundant LAN interfaces on each node. Here is the steps: