ECLIPSE OF REASON. By MAX HORKHEIMER. New York, Ox- ford University Press, PP. I This book is a remarkably penetrating study of the status. From the Publisher In this book, Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application. I’m starting to read Max Horkheimer’s Eclipse of Reason. I have had high hopes for it and have not been disappointed. The distinction.

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This is perhaps a shortcoming — not only Horkheimer but many of those writing in the lose tradition of the Frankfurt School or critical theory — what use is edlipse without a cure? Sociology as a scholarly discipline emerged primarily out of the Enlightenment thought, shortly after the French Revolution, as a positivist science of society.

Marxist theorists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Max Horkheimer in Continental Philosophy. Instrumental rationality causes society to fragment into these various competing cliques. Horkheimer was the sole author of Eclipse of Reasonwhich appeared originally in English. Alternative Legacies of Cultural CritiqueAlbany: Horkheimer also notes however that the transition from objective to subjective reason, while detrimental in its current state, was necessary to historical progress.

Max Horkheimer

The Concept of Nature in Marx German: Within Hegelianism, the word dialectic has the specialised meaning of a contradiction between ideas that serves as the determining factor in their relationship.

Naturalism, Scientism and the Independence of Epistemology.

In between those periods he would horkhrimer the Institute in exile, primarily in America. References in the text above are to the English translations, where available. Jan 17, Grant Volle rated it really liked it Recommends it for: But there is a crucial difference; in the works from the s this is clearly said to be the fault of irrationality, and it is supposed that more rational social arrangements could overcome the problem.


MacIver serves as president of the ASA. Summary Horkheimer deals with the concept of reason within the history of western philosophy.

Eclipse of Reason (Bloomsbury Revelations) Max Horkheimer: Bloomsbury Academic

And so while our ability to achieve our goals has been amplified, our ability to have goals with intellectual integrity has hollowed out. As a philosopher he is best known especially in the Anglophone worldfor his work during the s, including Dialectic of Enlightenmentwhich was co-authored with Theodor Adorno.

The author criticizes the rise of subjective reason, including saying that such thinking doesn’t have any absolute ground to reject evil ideologies such as nazism. Editorial Reviews – Eclipse of Reason From the Publisher In this book, Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application to all spheres of life, and what he considers its present reified domination.

The Institute began as a Marxist study group started by Felix Weil, a one-time student of political science at Frankfurt who used his inheritance to fund an institution that would support his leftist academic aims. Claus Offe born 16 March in Berlin [1] is a political sociologist of Marxist orientation.

The Theory of Communicative Action German: But the optimism should not be overestimated, because happiness is construed in a solely negative manner. He starts with an explanation of the Objective theory of reason then he explains its decline and the ecliipse of subjective reason, which he gives a few ideological examples for it until we reach pragmatism.

Nov 08, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: The following events related to sociology occurred in the s. That this does not occur, however, is the inadequacy of the bourgeois economic form: Member feedback about Positivism dispute: The author discussed our society’s emphasis on science or “objective” reason, which he claimed are arguably subjective horkheimeer “How is it possible to determine what justly may horkhfimer called science and truth, if the determination itself presupposes the methods of achieving scientific truth?


Together with The Authoritarian Personality ; also co-authored by Adorno and Frankfurt School member Herbert O One-Dimensional Manit has had a major effect on 20th-century philosophy, sociology, culture, and politics, inspiring especially the New Left of the s and s.

In part, this prefigures later views.

Eclipse of Reason

In his writings Gramsci sought to explain how capitalism had adapted to avoid the revolutionary overthrow that had seemed inevitable in the 19th century. University of California Press. Each of these four is examined in more depth in the four subsections below.

George Homans’ English villages in the Thirteenth Century is published. Member feedback about Dialectic: This totally undermines objective reason and the German idealist tradition he looks favorably on and creates a new kind of reasoning: Science, on the other hand, maintains its rigorous empirical teason, but must open itself up to the role it plays in the broader social framework.

One can certainly find much pessimistic rhetoric in both Dialectic and Eclipse that supports rwason a notion. We aim to control nature by becoming like it. It is hard for me to tell whether Horkheimer would prefer things to go back the way they were, or if he thinks that we must resign ourselves to a bleak inhuman future, or what.