Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Many of the capacitors are difficult to access and several hallicrafterss need to be dismounted or disassembled to remove old capacitors and install the new capacitors. XII is the same as “” Hallicrafters’ manual. Also, long handle toggle switches are used along with the metal cased S-meter. They can do good work xs-28 often their schedules have them hurrying through jobs that should require attention to details. It is currently available at Phil’s Old Radios’ website.

Though they can’t be seen in the photo, the condenser leads are underneath the assembly. The change to “HA” prefixes began hallicrafgers January possibly as early hallicgafters December and seems to only predate the introduction of the SXA by a couple of months. As is the case with most amateur modifications, enhancing one aspect of performance audio will subtract from another sensitivity. Were white dials ever installed on the SX? The “spotty” chassis is typical of cadmium-plated steel when exposed to light moisture.

On the back of the gearbox are located the tuning shaft weights which need to be removed.


A stenciled form was applied to the condenser box with all of the treatment information including the year. Later versions were built for FCC monitoring posts where several receiving stations would be in operation.


Realign the IF at this frequency and balance the crystal filter response for its three positions using the trimmers provided. Twelve Hallicrafters’ engineers were assigned the sx-288 of creating a receiver that not only satisfied government and commercial users but also gave the hams a receiver that performed better than any previous Hallicrafters. On the positive side, the ham bandspread is the best that can be found on a vintage receiver and the sensitivity uallicrafters.

Try a small amount of localized heat small soldering iron tip on slug to loosen a stuck slug.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

From that, one can certainly assume that the receiver was built later than that date. After the panels were straight and dry, I had to reglue the veneer and add some patches where the veneer was missing.

However, in a post-war advertisement, Hallicrafters stated that over 50, SX and SXA receivers had been produced. The receiver’s ultimate design was the result of the analysis of more than requested reports, including input from government engineers.

If anything these dials darken either red or in extreme cases brown. Careful examination of a good condition, clean, original panel will show that the fill color is definitely matte-silver. Shown are the fiber boards that the coils mount mnaual and the tube socket that is part of the coil assembly. This will require desoldering several connections to the tuning and bandspread condensers, desoldering wires from the coil chassis to connections in the receiver chassis and a few wires that interconnect between the coil chassis.

But they could be seen on the panadapter thereby alerting the operator to tune to the signal for further investigation. Probably installed by late to early but first shown on second version schematic The unused 6V6 tube socket mounting hole has a push-in metal plug installed. The 6AL5 is supposed to be mounted on a bracket under the chassis close to the detector tube.


Hallicrafters SX-28 Service Instructions Manual

Note the red is a very dark manula. The receiver also provided Panadaptor and Video Manuao that were designed to feed into specific airborne versions of typical panoramic adapters and oscilloscopes. This same color was used on many Hallicrafters’ cabinets, like the SR.

Shown to the right are some sample dials. Ham swap meet prices are at least half of eBay and often much less than that. Latest SXA serial number without “A” on front panel: This was the Hallicrafters-Jensen R I have owned one SX that had just the ANL mod installed and it is doubtful that the “modifier” was happy with the results.


Though some people can work around with special tools to replace the caps without disassembly, I can’t imagine hocomplish it without breaking something. I have also had visitors in our museum that worked at Wilcox Instruments in the s and were present when the orders were issued to destroy the Hallicrafters’ archives.

The Navy versions sometimes have different front panels that are wrinkle finish with a military tag in place of the ” the hallicrafters inc. Usually the Hallicrwfters coil chassis can be worked on while still in place, however a long tip soldering iron will be required to reach the chassis connection on one of the capacitors hallicrzfters earlier versions.

Granted that modern signals, like SSB, weren’t part of that original owner’s experience but the SX is perfectly capable of receiving SSB signals without modifications. Try to find a functional original but in the meantime, the Peter W.