ICICI Prudential GSIP is a traditional plan with limited premium pay option and bonus facility; The plan Offers Guaranteed Maturity Benefit. Can you tell me what kind of compounded anuualised returns I can expect from GSIP of ICICI Pru Life? I was made to purchase this policy by. I had taken three plans of “ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan” with a premium of 18k, .. I have also Taken GSIP during Feb,

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I believe it is big risk to take up this policy.

Small Life Cover d. My simple logic is comparison with nsc 6 years you double the money iciic it gets liquid after 6 years. I would say exit it The Rs 1L invested will be after tax deductions, so its really 1.

Actual return will be much lesser. Long term savings plan to ensure that you and your family are free of any financial worries. Please help me in understanding this.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings insurance Plan

Connect with Us Contact Us Feedback. I given the cheque for same policyFor Rs. I request to kindly advise if I should continue with this policy or stop depositing further premiums. Can you not get more icifi the paid up value? Will you pl cllarify. You can calculate how much interest you can earn. We request you to help us with your policy details to assist you. Now, the next and slightly trickier part — how much money do you get back?


Go through terms and conditions. It is not the insurance plan.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan

Thanks for sharing it. We take care of all the phases of insurance, whether you’ve bought the policy from us or not.

This plan falls under Section 80C tax saving schemes which means the premium payable will be applicable for deduction from your taxable salary under section 80C. Fifthly, GSIP is not really an expensive product. You have term policy and you know the benefit, then why are you saving your money in a scheme with high charges year on year. Should I continue this investment?

Especially when you think of things like PPF which are tax free and under 80C right now, gsp tax free bonds that come out from time to time. I have already deposited a high value cheque for this scheme and if income tax angle is not clear, it makes no sense to invest there for long term.

If you surrender after 3 yrs … the caluclation is as follows. Keep up the good work!

Disappointed with ICICI Pru GSIP , Will not get back any money after making Paidup ?

I have already paid a total premium of more than Rs 90, over last 3 years and am completely stuck with the plan. Dear Ashal, So do you also confirm that even if we have paid annual premiums for three years, we cannot keep it as paid-up till the end of policy term?? Keep a xerox of all the relevant documents. Sixthly, try getting an agent who is well-off and selling policies is not how he makes a living.


But after reading the blogs in JagoInvestor, I came to know that returns will be very low. Please answer this simple math question. But here I want to take this devision during the early stage of policy, rather than repenting for years to come.

Shall i simply forget them and do sensible investment next time? The surrender shall extinguish all the hsip, benefits and interests under the Policy. The points here are as follows. Those who want to invest and save tax can go for PPF where you can withdraw after certain period, icicj can also take loan and you icii get a decent 8. It automatically takes care of your retirement planning as it runs for 16 years and therafter you can renew it as many times as you like foa a ixici of 5 yrs.