Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for network access control (NAC) is remarkably crowded for a market that reportedly generated just $ The NAC market showed signs of maturing in , prompting Gartner to shift the analysis to a Magic Quadrant instead of the MarketScope format used in previous years. . market penetration of MNAP-ready endpoints in Added. According to Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control,”2 “Most NAC vendors provide good support for the BYOD (Bring Your Own.

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Here’s How to Master the New One.

NAC’s ability to detect what type of device is connecting to the network qaudrant apply limited access capability when required is a core component of limiting risk, while meeting the demand for “any device I want to use. Pioneer Investments deployed ForeScout to fortify measures to support compliance, improve operational gartnef and reduce security risks.

Also, vendors’ solutions must include the policy, baseline and access control elements of NAC, as defined by the following criteria: Compliance Insights Compliance Program Management. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight you need to make the right decisions, every day. This Magic Quadrant does not analyze solutions that target the small or midsize business market.

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls

Beyond the traditional implementation, Gartjer Investments is working toward leveraging the power of CounterACT to integrate with other solutions in its network and gain a more holistic security posture. Wired and wireless network infrastructure vendors: Many network devices are not ready to do Webinar To the Point: Publier les commentaires Atom.

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To receive a complimentary copy of the Gartner, Inc. Toggle navigation Who we serve current. Because there are multiple approaches for enforcing NAC policies for example, virtual LANs, firewalls, access control lists and otherslook for solutions that best fit your network infrastructure.


Another important NAC trend is the integration with other security components, such as next generation firewalls, advanced threat defence ATD solutions and security information and advanced management SIEM solutions.

Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control

Solutions that can integrate with a wide range of EPP and MDM solutions, as well as offer dissolvable agents or agentless endpoint assessments, have strong advantages in the NAC market today and will have strong advantages in the future. Because policy administration and reporting functions are key areas of NAC innovation and differentiation, vendors must own the core policy function to be included in this Magic Quadrant.

Demand for NAC functionality increased indriven largely by the need for enterprises to support the use of personally owned smartphones and tablets. Sign in to view this research document. Become a Client Call us now at: Vendors must have an installed base of at least customers or aggregate endpoint coverage ofendpoints.

Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control

Master your role, transform your business and tap into an unsurpassed peer network through our world-leading conference series. NAC solutions must include a baseline function, but “reinventing the wheel” is not necessary. Vendors that rely solely on agent-based endpoint self-enforcement do not qualify as NAC solutions. A baseline determines the security state of an endpoint that is attempting a network connection, so that a decision can be made about the level of access that will be allowed.

Microsoft no longer actively markets its NAP solution, and we received few questions from Gartner clients about it.

Baseline functionality may be obtained via an OEM or licensing partnership. Already have a Gartner account? We use cookies to deliver the best possible experience on our website. The mobility and bring your own device BYOD trends have increased demand, and the largest NAC suppliers have seen strong increases in growth. Leaders have the resources to maintain their commitment to NAC, have strong channel strength and have financial resources.


Talk to Gartner now and learn the benefits of becoming a Gartner client. Network access control NAC technology providers fall into three major categories: To be included in this Magic Quadrant, a vendor’s solution must be able to enforce NAC policies in a heterogeneous infrastructure quuadrant. Leveraging its innovative next generation NAC technology, the CounterACT platform provides real-time visibility to users, devices, including BYOD quardant, systems and applications and allows IT organisations to centrally apply granular policies to understand their true security posture and to automate response to a wide variety of security issues.

ForeScout established this award to recognise, honour and celebrate customers who are achieving outstanding success with ForeScout solutions gartneer broadly gartneg the IT security community. As a result, IT organisations can accelerate continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities and better leverage their security investments.

The firm wanted a security platform that could provide visibility, granular control and more flexible implementation capabilities for its wired and wireless networks — with the ultimate goal of utilising it as a comprehensive control integration and endpoint remediation solution.

Human Resources Human Resources. Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control. Conference ReimagineHR Learn more. Market Responsiveness and Track Record.