First Gardnerian Order[edit]. The first Gardnerian Wicca Order was the Wiccan Order, founded .. all in the early s, were (1) the snippets of BOS material in Gardner’s published books, (2) the contents of Gardner’s manuscript book,Ye Bok . Hello! I’ve come to ask you guys a question about a specific passage in the Gardnerian book of shadows, being: > [1] Having chosen a place. While being made a Gardnerian doesn’t expose you to any specific what is found in our BoS and a bunch of other lore both written and oral.

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Their priests tell them that any who get our help or our cures are damned to the Hell forever, so men be mad for the terror of it.


I the Mother, darksome and divine, Say to thee, Oh children mine All ye assembled at mine ShrineMine the scourge and mine the kiss The five-point star of love and bliss Here I charge ye in this sign. A man should place both hands on her waist, standing behind her, and alternate men and women should do the same, the Maiden leading and they dance following her.

Prayers to the Goddess help, especially the Amalthean Horn Prayer, as it causes stimulation to the body as well as to the mind. The Priestess, or another woman, may act the part of the Goddess, and the Magus, or another man, may act the part of the God. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Casting the Circle It is most convenient to mark the circle with chalk, paint or otherwise, to show where it is; but marks on the carpet may be utilized. This lack of action could be interpretated has a charter for abuse sexual and other. The major downside is that you are on are on your own. The victim’s terror and anguish add keenness, and even quite a small animal can yield enormous power.

So, now, do you want to be a solitary witch or work with a coven? Magus strikes three knells on the bell and says, “Art ready to swear that thou wilt always be true to the Art?


Claims by eclectics and members of eclectic traditions a slightly oxymoronic term, for sure to have lineage going back to Gerald Gardner show a shallow understanding of lineage. If it is not possible to achieve your ends one way without harming any, perchance the aim may be achieved by acting in a different way, so as to harm none.

And we bring you good news by word of mouth For women, cattle, and corn: There is something queer about rhyme. Knees must also be firmly tied. The universe changes the light bulb and the Zen Master gets the hell out of the way!

You must be properly prepared according to therules of the Art; otherwise you will never succeed. For these truly are the 5 points of fellowship [on the right appears an illuminated diagram of the point-up triangle above the pentacle, the symbol for the third degree], feet to feet, knee to knee, groin to groin, breast to breast, arms around back, lips to lips, by the Great and Holy Names Abracadabra, Aradia, and Cernunnos.

Circle three times, with dance step and chant. For the beginners it should be slow, or there will be confusion. Once you have decided upon a coven go to a few open Sabbats and meetings, if permitted.

And the curse of the Gods be on any who break this law. He moved to the U. It will someday but so far it has not.

Keep all thoughts of the Craft from your mind.

Gardnerian – Witches Of The Craft®

I gardnerlan the initiate that I was referring to in the post. However, it is important to point out that there is no ‘official’ Book of Shadows. Virgin parchment is better than manufactured paper for talismans,etc.

Thus was the altar made and so placed [Priestess lies down in such a way that her vagina is approximately at the center of the circle], and the sacred place was the point within the center of the circle, as we of old times have been gradnerian, that the point within the center is the origin of all things. Yet is the knowledge of thee the knowledge of death. February Eve After usual opening, all are doubly purified gardneria is, with eighty strokes].


If I stirred up something, I apologize. Cardell’s malicious intent was initially revealed.

Autumn equinox The altar should be decorated with symbols of autumn, pine cones, oak sprigs, acorns, or ears of corn, and should have fire or burning incense on it as usual. And our Goddess ever inclineth to love and mirth and happiness, and guardeth and cherisheth Her hidden children in life; and in death she teacheth the way to have communion, and even in this world She teacheth them the Mystery of the Magic Circle, which is placed between the worlds.

Certainly within the BT Wicca community we keep tabs on a very few “rotten lines” which do unethical things like selling their books of shadows or try to provide training by correspondence course Yet, even today, we have people online who claim that their lineage goes back to Gardner through Michael Reagan to Ray Buckland possibly even through same-sex initiation, which is a big Gardnerian no-no back up the line to Gardner. If the first time or two they do stay a while to worship Aphrodite, ’tis only a day or two lost, and the intense pleasure they obtain only leads them again to the mysteries of Hermes, their souls more attuned to the great search.

This tradition is from Italy. Much of their information is initiatory and oathbound, which means it can never be shared with those outside the coven. Armour is heavy, yet it is a proud burden and a man standeth upright in it.

And for long we have obeyed this law, “Harm none” and nowtimes many believe we exist not.