Roger Zelazny’s “For A Breath I Tarry” is probably my very favorite sci-fi story of all time–a novelette or long-short story about a distant. Publication: For a Breath I Tarry Publication Record # ; Author: Roger Zelazny; Date: ; ISBN: []; Publisher. This is a wonderful story on a theme that Zelazny returns to often – precisely what . Read For a Breath I Tarry for the first time as part of the new.

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Snowdog Well-Known Member Feb 7, The story contains farry to the Book of Joband the Book of Genesis. Not bad for a quick afternoon read.

Jack can finally see how E.

Have crimes been committed under this umbrella? In this story it is almost a retelling of creation Genesis and the Book of Job. Published July by Underwood Miller first published September This obviously needs some examination, and I think anyone wishing to make a coherent conception of the human identity needs to answer this question: Only machines remain, tasked with targy the earth.

Anna Sikorska rated it it was ok Aug 22, He knew hatred and love, pride and despair. As both a work of science fiction and as a perfect example of how much story you can tell with so few words – it is a master stroke. Frost bets that he can become a man but if he fails he agrees to leave Solcon’s service and go to serve Divcon for eternity in the depths of the earth. The ending is very satisfactory, breatu the lines from what I discovered to be a poem by A.

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For a Breath I tarry

Frost, like Asimov’s Bicentennial Man, learned his way towards manhood. And that is not an opinion. Love of the Damned Fausto 5. Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf; the most famous of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convince dying and sterile Martians that life is worth continuing.

Then, he transfers his consciousness from himself to the body. Bill Reynolds rated it it was amazing Jan zelaxny, Jan 29, Morgan Breatg rated it it was amazing.

For a Breath I Tarry

Snorri Member Jan 27, Why have we come here? Delany’s epic and challenging Dhalgren destroyed my reading goal for the year, I’m catching up on some short stories and novellas to try to get back on track.

At one time all of the machines reported to Solcon a machine that orbits the earth but during a brief respite or malfunction, Divcon has been created and lives in the bowels of the earth and sends his own machines out to circumvent Solcon’s orders until the machines in the southern hemisphere are controlled by Divcon. Johann Fausten Faustus, the Last Night As with much of Zelazny’s stories there is a touch of spirituality in them.


Was it not Frost’s curiosity- an undoubtedly human trait? Breathing is like, so last year. I picked this up because it was a Hugo candidate and because i liked the title. What are the differences between man and machine? Jan 03, Megan rarry it liked it. He now indentifies with her, and therefore he feels for her. Joined Feb 20, Messages 2, Location Maryland.

It is controversial in modern times zelzny suggest that I also love that this was written before AI got too advanced. The Nature of Art, and Life itself.