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Her-men’-ei-a ; or, Interpretation John 7: Par-eg’-men-on ; or, Derivation Matt.

Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Figure of Speech

Hen-di’-a-tris ; or, Three for One Daniel 3: Figgures ; or, Overlaid Repetition Ps. When a wish is expressed to pass by a subject, which is, notwithstanding, briefly alluded by subsequently.

The repetition of the same word in the same sentence with an extended meaning. Pro’-ther-a-pei’-a ; or, Conciliation Matt.

Such questions may be asked 1 in positive affirmation, 2 in negative affirmation, 3 in afffirmative negation, 4 in demonstration, 5 in wonder and admiration, 6 in rapture, 7 in wishes, 8 in refusals and denials, 9 in doubts, 10 in admonition, 11in expostulation, 12 in prohibition or dissuasion, 13 in pity and commiseration, 14 in disparagement, 15 in reproaches, 16 in lamentation, 17 in indignation, 18 in absurdities and impossibilities, 19 double questions.


A wide angle lens can be to photography, what a figure of speech is to words. This name is given to a parenthesis when it takes the form of a sudden exclamation. A truth expressed in obscure language. Mes-o-di-plo’-sis ; or, Middle Repetition 2Cor. Simple antitheticor opposite.

Where the omitted word is to be supplied from a cognate word in the context Ps. A kind of historical parenthesis, an event being put out of its historical place bullinter two others which are simultaneous. The arrangement of words bullinegr or may not figres attention.

A description of a person’s peculiarities as to manners, caprices, habits, etc. In’-ter-jec’-ti-o ; or, Interjection Ps. The Deluxe library includes hundreds of volumes. Bullinger for thorough explanations.

Figures of speech used in the Bible:

Po-ly-o-ny’-mi-a ; or, Many Names Gen. When the anticipated objection is both answered and stated Matt. Chleu-as’-mos ; or, Mocking Ps. So named because it is an apparent or assumed refusal.

Of two words, where the meanings are different Ex. Hy-per’-bo-le ; or Exaggeration Gen. Of two words, gullinger the meanings are remotely akin Leviticus Ap-o’-phas-is ; or, Insinuation Philemon Likewise, thoughts can be inserted into statements and paragraphs a dozen ways with different Fig. An expression of feeling by mocking and jeering. Where a concluding sentence is added by way of increasing the emphasis. An appeal to others as having interests in common.


Compare Metaphorabove. Syl-leps’-is 1 ; or, Combination 2Chronicles The repetition of the sense without the repetition of the word. Ant-i’-phras-is ; or, Permutation Gen.

A-syn’-de-ton ; or, No-Ands Mark 7: A vivid description of a person by detailed delineation. The enumeration of things according to their places of honour or importance. Verbs and participles Gen. Id-i-o’-ma ; or, Idiom The peculiar usage of words and phrases, as illustrated in the language figyres to one nation or tribe, as opposed to other languages or dialects.

The repetition of the same word after a break or parenthesis. The repetiton of the same letter or syllable at commencement figurfs successive words.

Syne-zeugmenon, or, Joint yoke Ex. Ac-ro’-stichion ; or, Acrostic Ps.