(Only applicable if you’re submitting a paper entry.) Is the font a standard at the bottom of this page. Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Program Entry Checklist. ExploraVision is a scientific national contest held in the United States and Canada, a joint Students and teachers/mentors complete a Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards Entry Form, signed by the students, coach and mentor, , John Ross Elementary – Edmond, OK, Hot Car Safety System, Locust Valley. Have you participated in ExploraVision or are you familiar with the http://www. 1. Read entry kit. 2. Fill out.

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However, students may not move down to a lower grade-level entry category. National Judging Exploravisoon 24 regional winning teams will have the use of a Toshiba laptop computer with a modem and Web site design software.

Entry materials will not be returned.

Describe the team’s design process. For information on patents and trademarks, contact: Coaches are encouraged to submit all completed ExploraVision projects so that every student can be recognized for his or her effort.

NSTA’s current membership of 60, includes science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education.

Make a prototype displaying how their project would work. Box Alexandria, VA Using carbon nanospheres to reduce decoherence in quantum computing systems. Written Submission only if you can’t submit online Is the abstract double-spaced, fewer than words, clearly labeled and does it precede the description? You can then either implement explorravision as part of your curriculum or become a coach for the exploravison who would like to participate.


The role of the coach is to guide the students. Explodavision is expected that coaches of primary level K-3 students may offer extra assistance to ensure that teams adhere to the competition guidelines.

Why Students Enjoy Collaborative Learning. Enter your projects via online. Winning ideas have focused on things as simple as ballpoint pens and as complex as satellite communications. Student Science and Technology Projects. ExploraVision is more than a ikt. Create a video showing both what your project does and why it would be useful. Hot Car Safety System.

Design Process — Describe three alternative ideas or features the team considered for this ExploraVision project. Views Read Edit View history. The Future of Microbiome Analysis.

Are there exactly five sample Web pages? For example, the teachers at East Literature Magnet School in Nashville, Tennessee, teamed together to have every one of their students in grades participate in ExploraVision.

Entries must be received January 29, Neural Interfaced Bionic Eye. Do not attempt weekend delivery.

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision | Rules & Requirements

Each student is limited to one entry per year. Do not use report covers, binders, or folders. Rights, Patents and Trademarks Toshiba and the National Science Teachers Association reserve the right to use a student’s, coach’s or mentor’s name, photograph, quote, likeness, descriptive essay or sample Web pages for publicity and promotional purposes. Heat Utilizing Hearing Aids.

Student Science and Technology Projects

Any entry previously awarded a prize in another competition may not be submitted. The ExploraVision competition for K students engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM. Entry includes a bibliography page not counted as part of the description. The ideas and features should be directly related to the entry, not a list of other entries you may have submitted.


Please remember to give proper credit in the bibliography to any non-original art work. Many inventors were people who had difficulties in school or were average students.

Teams have the option of selecting a mentor as an additional advisor. Advice for New Coaches.

Sources must be clearly labeled and include title, author, publisher, and copyright date. You Could Win These Prizes! It can be a spark to ignite every student’s enthusiasm for science. Sincemore thanstudents from across the United States and Canada have competed. Coaches should not perform work on the project. Everyone who enters is a winner! They learn to visualize and invent in reference to what is known.

Only applicable if you’re submitting a paper entry. Both teams go on an all expense paid trip to Washington, D. Preservation of Organic Food. Top 10 Reasons to Particpate in ExploraVision.

Register Click here to register as a teacher coach.

ExploraVision is designed for K — 12 students of all interest, skill and ability levels.