The EVA delivers all the business benefits of virtualization such as ease of the HPE Enterprise Virtual Array Worldwide QuickSpecs in html format. The EVA offers an easily deployed enterprise class virtual storage array .. see: To assist you in installing the EVA, videos of the procedures have been configuration, and other configuration information, see the QuickSpecs.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents San Design Overview Hp San Implementations Fibre Channel Technology Storage Area Quickxpecs Fibre Channel Switches San Design Approaches San Fabric Topologies Routed San Fabrics Fcoe San Fabrics Ring Fabric With Satellite Switches Core-edge Fabric Types Core-edge Fabric typical Depiction Core-edge Fabric hierarchical Depiction Core-edge Fabric Topology Types Recommended Core-edge Fabric Isl Ratios Core-edge Fabric 4 X 12 Quicksepcs Data Access Routed Fabric Topologies Quckspecs Meta San B-series Virtual Fabrics With Ifr C-series Vsans With Ivr H-series Switches With Tr Fcoe Fabric Topologies Single Connectivity Fabric Single Resilient Fabric Multiple Fabrics And Device Paths nspof Fabric Design Data Availability Calculating For Data Availability Levels Migrating A Cascaded Fabric San Migrating A Meshed Fabric San Migrating A Ring Fabric San Fibre Channel Routing Overview Fibre Channel Routing World Wide Name Import And Export San Scaling And Routing Scaling By Routing Fibre Channel Routing Implementations Fibre Channel Routing Techniques Basic Mp Router Quickspexs Basic Virtual Fabric Ifr Configuration quicksprcs Basic Vsan Ivr Configuration Basic Tr Configuration B-series Fabric Groups B-series Virtual Fabrics Architecture C-series Fabric Partitioning H-series Switch Fabric Routing B-series Virtual Fabric Ifr C-series Vsan Ivr Fabric Redundancy And Routing H-series Switch Routing Dual-redundant Virtual Fabric Supported Routing Configurations Routing And Core-edge Fabrics Virtual Fabrics Connecting Core Switches Vsans Connecting Core Switches Routing Through An Ip Network Ivr Connecting Vsans Through Ip High-availability Router Configurations H-series Switches With Tr Eva400 High-availability Mp Router Configurations Routing Use Cases H-series Switches And Fabric Rules H-series Switches High-availability Features Fabric Rules For H-series Switches H-series Switches Fabric Rules Zoning Limits And Enforcement H-series Switch Zoning Limits Zoning Enforcement For H-series Switches B-series Switches And Fabric Rules B-series Fibre Channel Switches Fibre Channel Switch Fabric Rules Operating Systems And Storage Products B-series Encryption Switch Fabric Rules Mp Router Fabric Rules Mp Router Scalability Rules Mp Router Quicspecs Seven Hops Front And Translate Domains Core Switch Addressing Mode B-series Fcoe Converged Network Switch B-series Fcoe Cn Switch Fibre Channel Isl Maximums C-series Switches And Fabric Rules C-series Fibre Channel Switches C-series Fibre Channel Legacy Switches C-series Vsan High Availability C-series Fcoe Fva4400 Network Switches C-series Nexus Switches For Eva44400 M-series Switches And Fabric Rules M-series Legacy Hp Storageworks Switches M-series High-availability Feature Comparison Fibre Channel Fabric Rules Fabric Rules For M-series Switches M-series And Mcdata Zoning Limits San Fabric Connectivity Rules Switch Port Interfaces dva4400 Device Port Interfaces Fiber Optic Cables