Product Family / Category. INCA. Product / Topic. INCA-MIP. Type. Manual / Technical Documentation. Title. INCA-MIP V User’s Guide. INCA V – Tutorial. ETAS. Lesson: Measuring. Create a recorder for manual recordings. You are in the Experiment Environment. To create a recorder . This INCA manual consists of the following chapters: • Chapter 1: ”Introduction” ( this chapter). This chapter outlines the possible INCA (INtegrated Calibration.

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This method may create “holes” in the map if there are no data points nearby the map breakpoints. The optimization progress is shown graphically and can be interrupted at any time.

The two areas must overlap in only one direction. In the second case multiple data point sets will be created. For example, if you want to invert a map representing the torque over speed and load, the loaded axis must be a torque axis. This option does apply eta the iso-contour plot as well as to the error etaas plot.

All following axes will then have correspondingly higher numbers. By default the color is kept equal to the working page map color. The border values of the section is kept and the intermediate values are interpolated. All dialog have a history and filters to find former inputs quickly. It is possible to maximize, minimize, restore or close all selected windows.

ETAS – INCA ASAM MCD-3MC V Interface – User’s Guide – Download Center – ETAS Products

All dialog offer export and import functionality to load and document inputs. Visible and invisible windows will be listed separately. This option is relevant for all points of the new axis that are above the map to be inverted.


Using the corresponding menu item enables to arrange all or a subset of the windows of the current session. During optimization a progress bar is shown. Values can be specified either directly or as a simple calculation rule. The map will be retrieved from the active calibration page. Select Flash strategy and calibration or Manusl strategy, calibration and tunes if using Tunes in your application — the step1 application does not use Tunesthen OK.

Thus the map calculation can only be performed when data points are loaded. Ehas you mark the area to extrapolate and call the function again. When enabled the conversion rule is applied automatically whenever the map is manipulated, e. Especially all files must be located in the same directory.

ETAS – INCA ASAM MCD-3MC V2.2 Interface – User’s Guide – Download Center

Decide which axis of the active map should be replaced by the axis from the “Axis source”. The working page of the active map can be inverted by tilting the map ,anual one of its two axes is swapped for an axis corresponding to the w-values of the map. After distributing the change the red line is created.

As the optimization is very resource extensive the calculation may last very long or even be impossible. This can also be done using the menu or double clicking the corresponding legend entry.

Manua, mode is very quick. The template is the initial map and its axes that is used as start point for the map creation and optimization. To accelerate the display a sample reduction factor for the data points is used in 3D and 2D mode. Duplication, processing, distribution or any form of commercialization of the documents content beyond dtas scope of the copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the SGE Ingenieur GmbH. In this case, you can decide whether you want to use the smaller or larger result.


Maps can be duplicated to handle them separately. Values of about 0. Press the Shift button, click to the marked point and keep the mouse button pressed. It is recommended to apply a etqs.

These definition is used for the data and error contour plot. Choose the direction to operate. You can limit the time for the axis optimization.

ETAS – INCA-LIN V User Manual – Download Center – ETAS Products

This methods always tries to straighten the map and may change the course of the map. Use this format to exchange entire maps with axes between multiple instances or maps.

Specify scalar values separated by colon or spaces, e.

These marks will be removed when resetting the view, recalling the function or using the following mixer. The INCA tool makes a distinction between the base calibration reference page and a derived calibration working page.

All conditions are combined with OR. Sometimes only parts of the map are modified and the changes should do a smooth transition to the neighborhood areas. The distribution can be equally spaced or fitted to the data if any data points were loaded.

This may lead to a incs of the value range and force a incrementation. Therefore INCA must be started and an experiment must be opened with the working page active.