Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 5th sem Subject EC TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Lecture Notes pdf. you can . ec transmission lines and waveguides notesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: transmission lines. Imp Ec – Transmission Lines and Waveguides – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Why is TM01 mode preferred to the TE01 mode in a circular waveguide?

Derive the equation for transfer impedance? Give reasons for preferring a short- circuited stub when compared to an open circuited stub.

Derive the expression for the resonant frequency of the circular cavity resonator? Mention the characteristics of TEM waves. Derive the expression for attenuation of TM waves in between parallel plates? TE10 and TM10 The presence of electric field gives rise to a capacitance value and the presence of magnetic field gives rise to a inductance value and the finite conductivity in the walls gives rise to loss along the walls giving rise to a resistance value.

EC Transmission Lines and Waveguides question bank download:Exams n Results

Explain double stub matching on a transmission line and derive the expression and the length of the stub used for matching on a line? Derive the Q-factor of a rectangular cavity resonator? Find the additional inductance to give distortion-less transmission. When a signal having many frequency components are transmitted along the line, all the frequencies will not have same time of transmission, some frequencies being delayed more than others. A wire probe is inserted into the air dielectric of the line as a pickup device, a vacuum tube voltmeter or other detector being connected between probe and sheath as an indicator.


Explain single stub matching on a transmission line and derive the expression and the length of the stub used for matching on a line? What is the input impendence equation of a dissipation less line? Single stub matching is useful for a fixed frequency.

EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

The dominant mode for a circular waveguide is wavegiudes as the lowest order mode having the lowest root value. Explain impendence matching using stub. The operating wavelength is 90 m. A half wavelength line may be considered as a one- to. Equalisers are waveguidfs whose frequency and phase characteristics are adjusted to be inverse to those of the lines, which result in a uniform frequency response over the desired frequency band, and hence the attenuation is equal for all the frequencies.

Define the line parameters? What is the dominant mode for the rectangular waveguide?

What is the range of values of standing wave ratio? The ratio of the maximum to minimum magnitudes of current or voltage on a line having standing wave is called the standing-wave ratio S. What is cut off frequency?


Double stub matching is preferred over single stub due to following disadvantages of single stub. Determine the solution of electric and magnetic fields of TM waves guided along rectangular wave — guides?

What is TH wave or E wave? An transmision line is a line in which the length of the transmission line is infinite. Explain about excitation modes in rectangular wave guide? TEM wave is a special type of TM wave in which an electric field E along the direction of propagation is also linse.

Derive the TE wave components in circular wave guides using Bessel functions? Give the input impedance of a dissipationless line.

ECQB TLW | jayapradeepa S –

What is the dominant mode for TE waves in a circular waveguide The dominant mode for TE waves in a circular waveguide is the TE11 because it has the lowest root value of 1. How is the circle diagram useful to find the input impendence of short and open circuited lines?

The basic configurations of coaxial resonators are: The electromagnetic energy is stored in the entire volume of the cavity in the form of electric and magnetic fields.