WORKS OF DARKNESS E.A. KOETTING Works of Darkness A Guide to Advanced Black Magick ISBN All rights reserved. No part of this. so i started doing the very first excersize in works of darkness and i felt something was watching me, hovering above me. i saw the mists and. WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E. A. Koetting ( Hardcover Edition). $ WORKS OF DARKNESS: A Guide to Advanced.

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Works of Darkness Started byFeb 17 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. I am currently reading his book and planned to work with it as well.

Any comments would be appreciated. Has anyone worked with “Works of darkness” og E. Xeper is no longer a useful concept – but Awesome still is.

Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick

I’ve got an awesome workss for an awesome dude and I’m actually seriously practicing D And always remember I didn’t perform the rituals themselves, as, well, ritual bores me. They seem like they could provide some decent results.

He seemed to be very confident of evoking without the “Gwadly”: I have not worked with the Goetia as much as startbeast or any others here, so your advice would be very valuable. Senior Member Old Timers posts. According to him, the banishing rituals are worthless to call the Goetics.

Works of Darkness. E.a Koetting 1st Edition Hardcover | eBay

Essentially, if you’re not an overly pompous ass and approach them civilly, they will return the favor, and they will be a lot less inclined to hurt you. Coercing someone at swordpoint tends to make them more likely to want to do you harm, after all. I haven’t so much as glimpsed them and read a few chapters but I must say that although I’m somewhat attracted to the more shadowy aspects of the occult, I found the stuff contained in Baneful Magick rather repulsive with da advocacy of animal sacrifices and the way the author justifies murder and torture as “stepping outside the xtian moral dogma” or whatever.


In that book cursing seems to be a means of spiritual ascent rather than a last resort in a hopeless situation. Well, that’s what you would expect from a work bearing that title I suppose, but instead of abandoning all morality, shouldn’t one seek to transcend or perfect it? I sure can think of many good reasons for chopping off some heads, but spiritual progress ain’t one of them.

As for Evoking Eternity, I feel that it had some good points darkjess evocation.

Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick by E.A. Koetting

Good to see that the 20’th century paradigm of regarding all spirits and gods just as aspects of one’s subconscious seems to be on its way to the trashbin. Of course if that’s what rocks your boat, fine, but making magick as just one aspect of self-help psychology hasn’t done me any good.

I’m here for the excitement and entertainment! But please don’t take this as a critique towards Koetting’s other views on magick, nor an attack on anyone’s personal worldview. Seems like that wiccan maxim “an’ it harm none, do what thou wilt” has got a better hold of me than I’d like to admit I agree with your assessment morally – but two things. Animal sacrifice is fine, if done with the right mentality He’s not advocating such things seriously as much as he’s advocating looking at morality through a critical lens and taking ascent on the Left Hand Path seriously The person who just pissed you off hardcore is not the one you must destroy magically, it’s the person that was just pissed off hardcore by the other person.

And with the spirits as aspects of the self – it works, really. It’s not true of all spirits – but some spirits are quite frankly subconscious. You can use this fact, though Well you have a point there, I don’t think I’m the right person to review or criticise Koetting’s all views since I haven’t really read the books.

But for the animal sacrifice issue: Have you ever read Ramsey Dukes?

He’s got some great thoughts on this good vs. Compare this to the medieval magician summoning wicked devils to do hir bidding or face eternal torment in some Dante-escue hell, and the new age crystal hippie going to healing workshops to “come to terms with hir anger” or whatever.


Well you got me there, I do to some extent hold the belief that spirits and whatnot are projections from the subconscious, but I koeting that the old paradigm of ethereal beings existing in their own right has a lot more romance and excitement to it than the psychological one. If I was a newcomer to magick well I’m a dabbler alright! But of course, if that’s what works for you, who cares! While I see open discussion an important part of working systems, it still has its downsides.

For example, I may be totally confident working with some GD stuff until someone comes up and says it’s just a load of bullshit because blah blah. Magick is so personal, to me at least, that discussing every inch of theory and practice may lead to a dead end of unworkable nihilism and skepticism, in the negative sense.

I had all his books and I agree with Starbeast here.

Didn’t read Works of Darkness to the end I found the content rather boring. Can’t tell for the usability. I think this is more aimed at people starting out but I can tell for Kingdoms of Flame and Baneful Magick. Even if one does not intent to do the rituals there was a need at least for me to read theese books to the end.

Works of Darkness. E.a Koetting 1st Edition Hardcover

Koetting is a very good story teller. He knows that theese days there needs to be more in a book than just a little layout for a ritual. So I can imagine that the “metal kiddies” have a good e from reading the gruesome content in Baneful Magick koegting. I am so powerful I got this book! Nobody can do me a thing! I could do this! I know I could! And lets face it.

And Yet they think they could do ANY time.

So Koetting simply rides the Zeitgeist here and plays on this instrument. Just my personal rant But he also makes valid points about breaking taboos and being badass and shit He’s inspirational in that respect Did you just say more peopl should skin cats or sacrefice a chicken to an ancient god And more important, where does that ninja come from?

It’s a cruel way to encourage gnosis