The DS, DSA, and DS digital thermometers provide 9, 10, 11, .. Throughout this data sheet, the term “conversion” is used to refer to the entire. The DS digital thermometer and thermostat provides 9-, , , or bit . as explained in the CONFIGURATION REGISTER section of this data sheet. DS CMOS Dual Peripheral Driver (discontinued). The DS series of dual peripheral drivers was designed be a universal set of interface components .

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DS Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Essentials Only Full Version. It hangs forever while waiting for status change.

No Slew Rate Control: Will Microchip’s I2C generated code be as universal as expected to work with this kind of device? Any help will be much appreciated!

Can’t help about this Code. I would suggest trying You may set a breakpoint in the debugger inside the interrupt function to check that it get in there.


DS1631, DS1631A, DS1731 High-Precision Digital Thermometer And Thermostat

Hi Dario, thanks for the reply. I’ve tested my board with a previous controller and I know the hardware is working.

I also tried with code examples that I found on the internet that acted directly on the ports themselfs without setting up I2C module that isbut could not get that to work either, so I opted for MCC code since I believed it to be the most reliable solution.

Hi Mysil, thanks for the reply. Good point about the 7 bit address, I have fixed that, but it still dahasheet work.

Sensor Workshop at ITP :: Reports / DS

Changing ‘status’ to volatile throws a ” illegal conversion between pointer types” warning. Tried it anyway but it didn’t fix anything. Anything else I can try? Yeah, using leds for debugging each step is what I usually do too Hi, Back to some basic questions: After the second entry in the interrupt function: You may set any value up to: Debugging on the other hand doesn’t seem to be working, I get a “Could not acquire hardware tool communications resources: Interrupt flag is being cleared, but it seems an interrupt condition is never triggered again.


I also tried setting baudrate to the lowest possible, no luck The sensor itself is working it’s on a small separate boardI have tested it with a previous controller board and it works.

Ok I give up I’ve tried for days now and still can’t make this thing to work!

This is a link to a dropbox zip file with all my attempts dropbox. What are good practices when using SPI? Debug breakpoints dataasheet disabled Future of PIC32 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?

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