DPM BL-100303 PDF

BLU: Voltmeter 20vdc Lcd Panel Mount BLU: Panel Meter; Volt; Reflective LCD; DPM=+5VDC; Range=VDC; Terminals=13 Pins. BLU — DPM LCD 5V/MV BEZEL BLU, Jewell Instruments LLC, DPM LCD W/S 5V/20V. Серия: BL · Type: Voltmeter · Measuring Range. BL – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement Jewell Modutec; Description: Digital Panel Meters 3 1/2-DIG 5V/2V DPM; Qty In-Stock: click box for stock.

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A heavy duty synchronous motor, which offers 13 different speeds, is linked with a choice of gear racks ordered separately on this page, to allow bl100303 a variety of time cycles to be selected.

Programmable user input digital for added flexibility. Fully programmable feature set includes minimum and maximum value capture and programmable alarms. The chassis fits into a shockproof, totally sealed case made of an engineered plastic that is impervious to acids and solvents.

Decimal point programmable at barrier strip.

레오콤 전자부품 쇼핑몰 –

A12 and under cam timer CM2. Automatic cold junction compensation. Features are easy scaling to engineering units with or without an input signal to meter, front panel and remote tare, peak or valley recall and memory. For bezel mounting, order snap bezel separately; go online or call. Features totally scalable process voltage mV, V, V ranges, and process current mA. With operating lever and spring assembly.


Jewell Instruments Llc Electronic Parts Distributors, ASAP Semiconductor

Units with transistor output also available; Go online or call. Selectable dlm zero or active least significant digit. Applicable as regular millivolt indicator single-ended or differential input. Provides a single source of instrumentation for all measurement and metering requirements. Models with calibration feature input signal to appropriate engineering unit. Input scale multipliers for rate 0, to 9, and total 0. Price Each … … 98F Red, green or amber LED color is menu selectable.

Accepts a wide variety of sensors. Optional setpoint output modules. Units with excitation output provide voltage supply VDC to power transmitters, active transducers or passive networks. Due to the internal digital filtering to this input, up to 30 msec. Contains the time-proven elapsed meter in a 4. Black versions available, go online or call. EF series is UL recognized. Feature flush-to-panel covers, no disfiguring bulge. The signal totalizer integrator can be used to compute bl-10303 time-input product that can be used to provide a readout of totalized flow, calculate service intervals of motors or pumps, etc.


All styles totalizing, non-resettable. C-5 series is a reset time totalizer mounted in steel housing with 2.

A variety of count sources are accommodated, including switch or relay contacts, photoelectrics, proximity switches, and unidirectional or bidirectional encoders.

Factory-calibrated precision opamp rectifier circuit to read true RMS values of sinusoidal waves.

Range in screen size and color to fit available space and application needs. Order external shunts separately on page and current transformers separately on page Description of Digits Color Stock No.

Number Case Price Part No. High accuracy and repeatability.


Requires pin socket, ordered separately; go online or bl-1003003. Load resistor ohms, 10 watts across input terminals required when using AC sensors. Conforms to ITS standards. Its count coil can be continuously energized without damage. Not only does the display flash to get attention, but it displays a choice of 7 different maintenance icons. Time range is selectable from 0. Mounting Holes Stock No.