Praise. “The best account [of the Peloponnesian War] now available.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review. “A fresh, clear and fast-moving account for general. The first volume of Donald Kagan’s acclaimed four-volume historyof the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins andcauses of the conflict, b. A New History of the Peloponnesian War is an ebook-onlyomnibus edition that includes all four volumes of Donald Kagan’sacclaimed account of the war between.

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The War itself was vast, and you get the distinct feeling that Kagan writes from the Athenian peolponnesian. This book was meant to be a one-book consolidation. Through his close reading of the ancient texts, Kagan is able to fill in the historical blank spots.

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Nicias was, frankly, a dithering fool, and Alcibiades a vain, glory-seeking turncoat of the worst kind. It is written for the common man and our American Empire. Read reviews that mention peloponnesian war donald kagan athens and sparta history of the peloponnesian greek history alexander the great professor kagan city states years ago professor kagan background information human nature ancient greece persian empire work on the subject classical greece civil war kagan book cold war general reader.

With a lively, readable narrative that conveys a richly detailed portrait of a vanished world while honoring its timeless relevance, The Peloponnesian War is a chronicle of the rise and fall of a great empire and of a dark time whose lessons still resonate today.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This war left the Greek city states devastated, weak, receding rapidly from the high water mark of the classical era and ripe for the oncoming Macedonian takeover.


Athens and Sparta both experienced revolts in their empires.

The research for this is impeccable. Apr 19, H Willshire rated it really liked it. Many of the most famous figures from Greek history were alive during or near the time of the war and were influenced by it. Athens ends up doubling down on its Sicilian campaign, resulting in almost the complete destruction of its navy, infantry, and the loss of city states as the balance of power shifts in Sparta’s favor.

Newsletters Comment Print this page. Why was it an advantage? I picked it up because i wanted to know more about what happened. A very enjoyable read that paces itself perfectly. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Donald Kagan

Athens had peloponnesin sea-based empire; Sparta had numerous land-based allies, such as Corinth and Thebes. Demosthenes suggests the army retreat to defend Athens but Nicias hesitates both due to fear of returning to Athens and because of a solar eclipse that soothsayers say is an omen to wait before retreating. This is no small feat when your historical subject dates odnald the 5th century B. A war that lasted nearly thirty years, Greeks fighting Greeks. Under Pericles the Athenians would concentrate its citizens behind the city’s walls and kagxn out the Spartans.

And while Sicily was a disaster it in itself did not spell the end for Athens but Persia ente Donald Kagan is a historian in disagreement with the first historian of the Peloponnesian war Thucydides.

The Peloponnesian War

My main fault with the book is his ideological biases which donapd extremely transparent. Athens held the upper hand on the seas. I wish I could get people to pay attention — he has one of his speakers at the beginning of the war say, ‘Why do people go to war?


Kagan lives in New Haven magan, Connecticut. The Peloponnesian War is a magisterial work of history written for general readers, offering a fresh examination of a pivotal moment in Western civilization.

I want to learn more. Though, perhaps one could argue that that is the way with wars, especially wars of attrition, and both the Athenians and the Spartans had pretty much had enough of the whole thing. New Haven’s Early Years, Write a customer review. New Strategies Chapter Eleven: Jan 26, Ed Abbott rated it it was amazing. I’m not really pelopobnesian who this book is aimed at – it doesn’t have enough scholarly observations and discussion to be one for professors of antiquity, but I don’t think a beginner would find it helpful either, unless they are some I read this hoping to get a more accessible and engaging version of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War before embarking on that text.

The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War

A thorough, well-researched history of the Peloponnesian war, as the unimaginative and rather boring title suggests. Perhaps this because they ultimately lose, but I suspect some of this comes down to the writing in the book.

Lysander and the Spartans then impose their will on Athens and other colonies, setting up oppressive oligarchies and extractive institutions. Personalities dominate political decisions, peloonnesian use religion to justify whatever they intended to do, and no amount of reason is an antidote to personal ambition and nationalism.

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