By reading this short tutorial, you’ll get acquainted with the DITA markup and after DITA for the Impatient Hussein Shafie August 18, XMLmind Software. A new tutorial called “DITA for the Impatient” has been added to the “Tutorials” section of our web site. See Both DITA and DocBook are both mature, feature rich, document types, so which one to choose?.

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Page 1 of 2. These placeholders instructs the DITA processing software to automatically generate: The and elements DITA has two elements which allow specification of internal or external links: The xref and link elements DITA concepts topics, maps, specialization, etc have an immediate appeal to the technical writer, making this document type more attractive than DocBook.

However, it is recommended to keep it short, approximately one paragraph long, because the contents of this element are often used during navigation e. DITA for the Impatient This item contains an ordered list. Of course, in order to use a DITA element as the target of a link, this element must have an id attribute. Much nicer, isn’t it?

By reading this short tutorial, you’ll get acquainted with the DITA markup and after that, you’ll be able to Evidence for the extended time-course of grooming exchanges in baboons More about topic maps later in this tutorial.


This target element may be found in the same XML file as the link element or, on the contrary, in a different XML file. The relcolwidth attribute may be used to specify the relative width of each column.

The hierarchy of topics that is, chapters containing sections containing subsections, etc is better expressed in a map using a hierarchy of s 3. Refined square-root staffing for call centers with impatient Instead type FileOpen, which will be rendered as: What is a cache?

DITA for the Impatient

Unzip the distribution anywhere. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Li-ion Battery Exploded View This location is not intended to be transformed by the DITA processing software e. For example, do not expect the DITA processing software to generate some text for:.

Specialized topic types The element is the most generic topic type.

These wrapper elements can contain references to actual, hand-written, topics: Much nicer, isn’t it? However like with any other document type, you should always try to use the most specific element for your needs.

It is not recommended to use this nested topics ompatient which, in our opinion, is almost never useful.

The xref and link elements. The element generally has a and generally contains an element. Procedure Unzip the distribution anywhere. This item contains a variable list. Unlike HTML’sthe term being defined and the term definition elements must be wrapped in a element. This probably works fine for any element having a title: Remember Using the most specific elements rather than the difa, elements, means getting nicer deliverables.


DITA for the Impatient

Always specify the format attribute of the link element. However we believe that what you have learned here is sufficient to start authoring your first DITA document.

A map contains a hierarchy of elements. However the DocBook vocabulary is comprehensive and very well thought out.

That’s why it is often preferred to spreading links inside the body of a topic. The graphics file to be displayed is specified using the attribute.

JavaScript JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language supported by all major web browsers. We recommend to use the free, open source, Info-ZIP utility to do so.

[XXE] New tutorial: DITA for the Impatient

In order to use them, we recommend authoring your documents with a DITA-aware XML editor and browsing through the element names suggested by the editor. By doing so, you instruct the DITA processing software to use the target location as is in imptient deliverable. What follows is the topic map actually used for this tutorial contents of file tutorial.