a geographic region best described as the land that time, and damned near As it turns out, her name was Mabel Jeweleen Dirvish, mother of long-time East. have any advice on how to defeat Katsumi’s damned Kokeshi Doll? . papasaw tactic, 8 rings all cl 5: mantis, dervish, shuriken, ghost, meat. damned, either because of deeds so horrible in a previous life that the afterlife Dirvish. Put an overall description of the general beliefs here. Life and Death.

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We’ve lived here 12 years and the bathroom has not been touched other than to rip out a strip of wallpaper and put up dinosaur stencils. With a hunter green background, the dinos were pink-ish. This is how I “design”. It’s better than it was. Did those edges, eh? But now I have to get new switchplates, a vent, figure out what to do with the mirrors and paint polka dots. Which means someone else has to finish this. I “design” like I “cook”. It’s basic, it is functional and it won’t kill you.

But nobody is going to enjoy the experience. I saw this great thing on pinrest -a How To tile around your mirrors. It’s really awesome, but I can’t do it. It won’t matter how basic it is, I will make it look ghetto.

It is my gift, it is my curse.

But I also can’t stop here, it’s clean and functional but so bland. My girls inherited by design incapabilities, so no help there. I was thinking I’ll bag the polka dots and tile and just hang pictures and plants and put scarves around the mirrors No talent for design is like a birth defect. I was like “I could do ribbon or fabric, fabric one tile the other Just paint the damned walls. And while I did I wrote the greatest blogs in my head! And all of these things were passionate in my head as I stripped and painted in a tiny, unventilated bathroom for four days.


Then I went outside and none of it mattered. There was air outside. Posted by kryssi martin at 9: Monday, July 15, Of Purges and Pondering. I’ll keep the exposition short so we can get right to the babbling. Which is better than having lost it altogether. Let us keep perspective. The last four to five years have sucked for just about everyone. The financial shitstorm also means no vacation.

No money to try and keep the house up. Manic Depressives do not exactly excel under the above circumstances. So this year Jim got a job. A real job, a place to go and be productive at a place he likes and they pay him, on time. Underpaid a bit but we are trying not to complain. And even though a real vacation is still not possible, we did at least get to schlep around Durango for a few days.

So I started purging the house. I decided that enough was enough, and spent June winding down, doing a few things for school and kept to light cleaning, waiting for July so I could attack.

July hit and so did the purge. My bedroom has not been this clean since we moved in. And while finances prevent anything huge from happening, I have managed to switch out curtain rods, put up new curtains, throw out a dresser, gut and reorganize a closet and scrape off the year old wallpaper from the girls’ bathroom and get a start on a new coat of paint. This is not even a third of what needs to be done, but once I started Harper and Genoa had a babysitting job literally walk up to our front door and Genoa got a job at Kohl’s.

These things are related. If you dig out the crap you can allow the good stuff to emerge. I’ve known this for years, but I can be stubborn. And all this cleaning has freed up tge mind a bit.

Which is a nice change, I’ve been pretty wound up and cranky. I just kept pushing to the next thing, thinking “I just have to get dammed this” and then it was on to the next thing. It had become increasingly difficult to pretend I was A emotionally stable and B not angry at the word. And as I was scraping the wallpaper today I realized that I am happier when I am emotionally unstable and angry.


It is who I am. So I was pissed, but not for the right reasons! What a glorious revelation!

World Famous Chicken Cannon

I can now go back to actually being a cold hearted bitch instead of just saying it. I had become this horrifying, passive aggressive, psuedo-accepting, nagging blob. I was literally wandering around my classroom mumbling to myself by the end of the year about how much I hate these assholes. And now I feel I can fly the ‘hawk at full mast and do what it is I love to do, the way it needs to be done, full speed ahead, take no prisoners, too bad so sad.

So the next time some disrespectful student breaks my laptop, I won’t just shrug and go cry in my office.

Full text of “The Charlatan “

I will scream at them, pack the broken laptop in their backpack and call home to explain to his parents that he will be bringing home a ddirvish laptop and that I expect a new laptop to be returned to me. I just had to sit down and share this. I am too old to try to be someone I’m not, what the hell? If you are an asshole they I am going to openly call you an asshole. Your self esteem is not my problem. Anyone else hear the Dead Kennedys playing in the background?

All right, I’m going back into the bathroom to finish the other half of the wallpaper. It is very hot in there with no airflow. Posted by kryssi martin at 3: Newer Posts Older Posts Home.