Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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While fighting, use the Nektar of the Gods doesn’t matter when; you can simply use it as soon as the fight starts to continue with the alchemist’s quest. The first option allows you to collect a few more Yellow Skulls, side items that are involved in some Canvas of Prayer quests which, as usual, can be ignored.

In Poltae the adventure can continue, but we’re not going to proceed with rantasy local main story just yet. Although we could proceed with the story events of The Wildlands now, it’s better if we don’t do so yet the boss of the main quest of The Wildlands is easier to kill after defeating the boss of The Dead Dunes; we’re going to see why later. The third one requires 4 EP to open though.

We will need a total of 3x Pilgrim’s Crux one for each Shrine to continue you should already have all three of them available. The text will often refer to maps with sentences like this: Your ultimate goal is to reach South station square in Luxerion by South station detondo and Cathedral.

When it’s done, take the ffantasy to The Slaughterhouse. Therefore it’s xkii if you just Teleport to Yusnaan while you still have 2 EPs left, and then finish this quest another time. Follow the short Recovery Item tutorial, and buy Potions for free until you fill up all rinal six that’s your current maximum Item Slots available. As soon as you’re out, save the game. Do this with all the EP you have, and the boss should be dead just about during the last Overclock. Old Town and North station square.


Both of these enemies appear in large quantities in the Forsaken Graveyard of Luxerion, and you can kill them easily respectively with Fira and with physical fibal.

Dragon’s Blood with Liberator weapon ad Wolf’s Emblem accessory. Fighter’s Emblem; Dawn Gauntlets. You want to apply Deprotect on him before starting the assault make sure to renew Deprotect when it expires. You can do this as many times as you want. From there, just follow the way to Poltae and you’ll reach your destination in 25 minutes or so. Unlock the door on the way continue, and then continue to the end of the tunnel to return to The Revealer’s Quarter.

Sheep green Ain a sheep pen, to automatically start this quest.

Head South from here to eventually reach the South Station area. It works simply like this: You still need to report back to the quest-giver to complete this quest, but we’ll do it later.

In fact, Chronostasis will automatically expire after the fight, and you will still “lose” the 10 minutes. Defeat them all they are weak against physical attacks to receive the quest item Music Satchel.

Engage battle with every enemy in this area press RB to xbos them before they can hit you, so you start with a small advantage in battle. At this point it should be past midnight, and we’ve done everything we had to do for fqntasy here in Yusnaan.

Then accept the quest that will prompt. The next series of events and subquests have a restricted window of time during which they are available, so make sure to use Chronostasis if you need it to be on time. The new treasure box contains a couple of Garbs: If you didn’t get the Chocobull from Cardesia earlier because you were missing the Slug Sweetsjump off the cliff to the North of Jagd Village.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

There is an alternative method to get Elixirs, and it’s to buy them forGil from the “Outerworld” service requires Xbox Live Gold. Note that from now on the game will ask you where you want to teleport to, when you start a new Day. Here you will find on the North side of the road a woman D that will give you this quest as you approach her. Proper preparation is important against the boss you’re going to face.

Table of Contents

Both are found on the ground level. To complete this quest you’ll need to return to Luxerion at night, but we’ll do this later. When you’re asked whether to read the diary or not, pick “Yes”. On the way you will certainly notice an “afro cactus” Cactair.

We can leave this place for now — either board the train to Luxerion, or teleport there. If you head to the end of this dead-end path you will find the first “pass code” for the main quest P 1. Unleash physical and magic attacks when enemy is protected by barriers.

To do so, simply press LB next to him dismount with LB.