Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, The lands of Tellene defined in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting . Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, and Dungeon Master are trademarks owned by. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is an official D&D campaign setting by Kenzer & Company. Originally published as an unofficial setting for AD&D in , the d20 . Kingdoms of Kalamar, the first in Kenzer and Company’s Official Dungeons .. It continues to be a generic setting with bits of D&D shoehorned in to fill up space.

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That couldn’t be further from the truth. But it’s very rare. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Devoted artificer of the church of Scorching Ray. This comprises all but two pages of the Gods section — not sure what was up with this one. Pixies get such good spells, especially for level The major issue with Legacy Weapons is the damage they cause kalamaf. Join Date Apr Posts 2, So long have I been wating for a campaign setting which is high in political intrigue, and with the Kalamar setting I finally have it.

Here, creatures of dark evil roam the lands in search of prey, while others rule a terrified populace from the safety of their throne rooms. You reckon getting rid of the personal costs solves that?

Kingdoms of Kalamar – Wikipedia

Over 30 different products have been released to support it. Sorry, you kissed too many babies this week, you heal him instead Cleric: All times are GMT Since it’s 3rd ed and not 3.

d&x At any rate the chart has character level and that’s it. Kind of like a history textbook, there are lots of “and then the king died falling off his horse and his son took the throne and ruled for a number of years.


Basir is the most loyal of Kalamar’s vassal stats, a progressive and peaceful land that provides Kalamar with the vast majority of its naval power.

It is an agricultural nation with strong ties to the local demihumans. Worth every penny and every moment you spend reading it — even if you don’t plan to play in Kalamar. Also, nothing happens d&f a logical reason. Time has not been kind to it as dynastic changes and incompetent rulers have resulted kungdoms it controlling only a fraction of its original lands. I recommend the campaign setting to anyone as long as you ban a few spells and d&&d. Archived from the original on February 11, Appendix VI breaks down the cultures and regions of the setting, including plurals and adjective uses of the various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

While distribution was not widespread, fans of the setting continued to support it. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. I actually realized I didn’t like the book when I discovered that the only think keeping me reading was getting to the next nifty little character. The cover illustration, by Bob and Jennifer Burke, follows the example of the Wizards of the Coast hardbounds in depicting the cover of a book. One of their modules takes place in a town.

Shynabyth is a Deyj nation with an intense hatred for both Slen and Paru’Bor.

DnDWiki:Kingdoms of Kalamar

I don’t really want to spend alot of time on kalmaar review since I am the 15th person to review the product. From Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler. The setting appeared in two books, ” Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 1: Information on the nations of other armies is limited to lists of troop types and numbers by country. Whether you prefer to join raiding parties in the cold barbaric north, step on board a pirate ship in a cosmopolitan bay area, explore ancient cities and dark jungles on a tropical southern isle, wage front-line combat in a matriarchal society battling Imperial legions, journey deep into the harsh desert homes of savage creatures, slip through the shadowed streets of cities ruled kalamra ancient and kalqmar evils, or whatever locale you desire, you can find it here.


Following the country chart, there is a Kalamar Nomenclature chart, listing what to call residents of various parts of Tellene. Generally only a few paragraphs on each organization are provided, leaving much for the GM to detail. Tharggy has been ruled by women ever since a majority of its men were killed in a war with Kalamar many years ago. It’s only because this appears kalzmar after the section detailing which son will take over the kingdom that I could make the inference.

Are you keeping the kingddoms costs and just getting rid of hp skill point and similar costs, or are you eliminating all costs and treating them as plot-device items? Four city-states are present in the Wild Lands.

I opened Kingdoms of Kalamar expecting to find a generic fantasy setting with decent art, acceptable writing quality, and some new ideas to add to my home campaign. So, the type is less dense than either of those two products. Or the general wackiness of Mystara. There is a huge amount of detail presented — but not so much that a DM doesn’t have room to maneuver. The downside is that KoK can take its “low fantasy” focus a bit too far. Reset Fields Log in. I’ve read the book cover to cover and skimmed and re-skimmed parts of it and its just d&x haphazard collection of facts, myths and story ideas spread out over a whole continent.

The few good bits that save it from being rated a 1: