Cracks [Sheila Kohler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Talk with Sheila Kohler, author of Cracks and One Girl Zoland: In Cracks there is . A group of South African women who were all members of a boarding-school swimming team revisit a shared and haunted past in Kohler’s polished, compact. Official Trailer for Cracks. The director is Jordan Scott, and Ridley and Tony Scott are the executive producers on the film. Rosalie Swedlin, Christine Vachan.

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Aug 21, megan freeburn rated it it was ok.

Cracks: Sheila Kohler: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

I found the movie scene in which Fiamma a Spanish student in the movie, Italian in the book gets killed quite disturbing already, but in the book she gets raped I watched the movie before reading the book. Read it in one sitting.

I’m going with the first explanation, because that’s the only way I’ll be able to to sleep at night. As readers today, we seem to want to move closer to confession in some way – hence the popularity of memoir. In fact in reading ‘Cracks’ I wondered several times if perhaps it was one of I thought this book was relatively extraordinary. I found the movie scene in which Fiamma a Spanish student in the movie, Italian in the book gets killed quite disturbing already, but in the book she gets raped by the girls before dying from the wounds that is how I think she died.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The narrative was more coherent, and it explored the character of Miss G brilliantly played by the always wonderful Eva Green and made her into a deeper, more interesting character. Thirteen of the girls are chosen by Miss G to be on the swim team, including beautiful new-girl Fiamma, who keeps her dista Hmm, this was good I must say that I am not a big fan of poems so that might be why I was not very happy reading this book at the beginning.


Cracksthe book, takes place in South Africa and alternates between two time periods: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Gradually, we—re given flashbacks that portray the strange aura of Fiamma, the daughter of an Italian prince and the most beautiful and exotic creature any of the other girls—or their teachers—had ever kohoer.


Teenage girls and their psychotic cult-like cliques can be forgiven over time; Miss G was an adult who knew exactly what she was doing ctacks she decided to ruin a teenage girl’s life. If you ignore it, it will destroy you. But then there was the frame, which I thought was unnecessary and uninteresting After reading the chilling Moth Diar When I viewed the film Cracks, I did not realize that it had been adapted from a novel.

Regardless of my own personal issues, the end of the book was worth it. She said there were certain subjects we kouler get out of the way, so that we could go about our business. They are all on the swim team, and queens of the school because of it. Dec 05, Maggie Hensien rated it johler liked it. I will say that if poems or poetic literature is not something you are into, you might want to reconsider this book. We don’t know much about her in the book, only that she’s really manipulative.

This is the main reason I prefer the movie version: The lack of accountability to society of the crime is disturbing and opens the bare truth that young people do terrible things with few good answers regarding rule of law.

At times it is easy to forget that they have individual personalities, but, of course, they do, and Kohler doesn’t ignore that. Cracks is one of those dream-like books that makes the reader walk around in a daze.


Cracks – Sheila Kohler – Google Books

The author is married to a man or else I would assume that she is a lesbian, since it’s such a major theme in the book. And I was positive that the book version of Miss G couldn’t come close to Eva Green’s charismatic, psychotic portrayal.

They are all just as present as the other. Have any of these people ever BEEN year-old girls? Here’s my thoughts now, having experienced both– this book is amazing. I thought this book was relatively extraordinary. They all want the love and attention of Miss G so badly as some sort of replacement.

The charismatic and enigmatic Miss G, portrayed by Eva Green, is a virtual agoraphobic who has deceived her adoring students into believing that she is an intrepid world traveller, her lies are exposed by Fiamma who is able to verbatim finish her monologue, because it was stolen from the memoirs of a famous woman adventurer. Like, I was massively thrown off when ‘Sheila Kohler’ existed as a character who, shockingly, becomes an author!

Sheila Kohler was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the younger of two girls. Consequently, it’s difficult to care about any of them. All of the characters blended together and the poetic description of each character was hard to remember, at least f I have a love hate relationship with this book. Dealing with issues like youthful infatuation, the mob mentality of a group of teenagers, and the dangers of not recognizing boundaries.

One of the swimming team members in the book is named Sheila Kohler and is a writer.