The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced on their website that there are changes coming to the RC59 Business Consent form. Changes to the CRA’s RC59 Business Authorization Form. The Canada Revenue Agency has announced to tax preparers and representatives. All preparers need to complete an authorization request on the CRA’s Note: electronic filing of the RC59 and RC59X forms are now available for T2 module.

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To give written authorization, you must fill in and sign form RC59 or rc5 RC Follow us on Facebook at http: This rechecks the return for outstanding errors before returning to the transmission step. Complete the rest of the form. When dealing with governments, knowledge is power. Notify me of new comments via cr. Go to the File menu, then click on Info. Do not send it to the CRA unless requested to do so.

This gives the representative instant access to your CRA accounts. You authorize a representative online Option 2: When you use Represent a Client, you’ll have access to your business clients’ information in five days or less instead of the 15 days it takes today with form RC You will not receive a reply.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Trustees or receivers If we receive court issued documents that we can use to confirm the names of the trustees or receiverswe will automatically consider them an authorized representative.

Changes to the CRA’s RC59 Business Consent Form (For Online Access) Coming in May

Then you know you are on the right track to resolving your tax problem s. Your representative submits an authorization request online If you are not registered with My Business Accountyour representative can submit business authorization requests electronically. Instead, it appears as a time stamp upon receipt of the form.


After May 15, to request online access to tax information for a business, you will need to complete the authorization request in Represent a Client. To find out how you can authorize a representative, go to How to authorize a representative.

Level of authorization Set the level of authorization representing a client in Part 4. If you do, here are three important things you should know: Scan and send the signed copy of the signature page to the CRA using Submit documents. To complete an authorization request: By default, TaxCycle requires you confirm the taxpayer has signed the RC59TransmissionConsent before you can transmit.

Changes to the CRA’s RC59 Business Authorization Form

Print this page and have the authorized person of the business sign and date it. Read the “Cancel a representative RC59X ” section, below. Only an authorized person of the business may sign the form. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Your client must sign this form before you can transmit. The services offered on Represent a client can change the way you do business. The box shows the date and time of the transmission. After they complete the authorization request, you will need to sign the certification page.

If you previously submitted a RC59 using TaxCycle in the prior year and then carried forward the return, TaxCycle automatically sets this option. Your authorization will stay in effect until one of the following: Click the link to open the worksheet.


Have your client sign it. We possess strong understanding of government so we know what the next step is before the government does.

RC59 Business Consent for Offline Access –

How to authorize a representative To allow the CRA to communicate with a representative, you will need to give your consent. The details entered on this worksheet are used to complete the Fra form that your client crx sign before you can submit the RC59 electronically. If you are not registered with My Business Accountyour representative can submit business authorization requests electronically. To allow enough time for the review of your application before the filing season starts, we encourage you to renew your application as soon as possible.

Authorize a representative for your business

Then you know you are on the right track to resolving your tax problem s. Form RC59 will no longer be used to authorize online access. At the top of the RC59OnlineConsent worksheet, select what kind of authorization to prepare for the taxpayer.

An authorized representative can be an employee or a person that does not work for your business, such as a:. Information is outdated or wrong. Report a problem or mistake on this page. Print the rf59, obtain your client’s signature and confirm that signature in the Transmit sidebar. TaxCycle also updates the workflow xra for the taxpayer.