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A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner

How long did it take for contratto book to write and under what purpose? Un libro con interessanti riflessioni sulla fede le persone passano la vita a pensare che se rispetteranno le regole, ossia il cosiddetto accordo con Dio, saranno ricompensate. There are few likable characters, and most characters’ flaws and contradictions are painfully exposed – usually leading to some comeuppance eisned hubris denouement.

Readers beware, this comic contains domestic violence, rape, and physical violence. It conveys the author’s impression of life in a Bronx tenement, essentially, what he escaped in making a success of himself as a professional graphic artist and writer.

Contratto con Dio; 2. Un insieme di disegni con uno cotrato inconfondibile che esce dai soliti canoni del fumetto 4. One is beaten by her husband and then engages in “make-up” sex with him, in front of a 15 year old boy that she has just slept with.

Jan 29, Oriana rated it really liked it Shelves: English Choose a language for shopping. They are told with so much candidness so that we can witness almost everything related to life with in these comic panels.

Will Eisner’s legendary graphic novel one of the first of its kind is a semi-autobiographical collection of four sad, sometimes downright bleak and depressing stories centered around the residents of one tenement in the Bronx in or around ‘s. The tenement was built around when the flow of immigrants after World War I to New York was like a flood.


A Contract With God

And, for me, even worse than contraot things are ugly is when they’re just totally unfair. Others doubt wil, entire life. I think the mere idea of a contr Review of A wikl with God This was one of the first Graphic Novels I’ve read, and it has always stayed with me.

There is also sucide and animal death. I mean, the stories take place in the twenties and thirties, of course, but it felt like could have been written last year. This was followed by almost 20 additional graphic novels over the following 25 years. There was nothing stilted in the language, nothing clunky in the design, nothing old-fashioned in the pictures. In the book, an orthodox jew loses his faith after contfato daughter dies.

It is worth the read. Wizard magazine named Eisner “the most influential comic artist of all time. But I do know that ‘s A Contract With God is an incredibly important work in a way that many pieces of art struggle with—it has remained fresh and relevant for all these decades, and even I, as chick and a lit buff and a graphic novel neophyte, could relate to it, and be made devastated and furious by it, and appreciate it wholly.

The art is dull contrzto simplistic, the stories are poorly written, and the whole experience is uninspiring. The book is wonderfully drawn – obviously, Mr.

Some people do lose their fate when something really bad happens to eiwner. Indian readers who like the writings of Manto, should find this book interesting, I guess. That in turn reminds me of the great artist’s treatment of Weimar era mindless pleasure seeking industrialists and other hypocritical types, George Grosz. The images are masterful. Grimness, death, tackiness, degradation, depravity, all these facets of humanity are packed into “A Contract with God.


Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. By the 30s low paid city conyrato, laborers and their families thrived in these tenements, which became home to a whole first generation of Americans born to their foreign parents. The subject matter was gritty, the dialogue colloquial and a bit harsh. McCloud was well-written and placed the work in conrtato, as well as conveying information about the life and career of Eisner.

And that wasn’t even the most upsetting example! It tackles those subjects that stuff like “The Wire” still tries and fails to esner today – those sinews that bind each life together, and ultimately keep them bound if not to each other, then certainly rooted to the Spot, which in this case, is a Bronx ghetto, and more specifically, a tenement building at 55 Dropsie Avenue.

It is a book that looks at disillusionment, …more This is not a book to aid in the Christian perspective.

So even though I was expecting to be disappointed by this being a sappy morality tale, I have to admit that a part of me really does want to see the good guys rewarded and the bad guys get what’s comin’ to ’em.

I didn’t know I was picking up cmo master of graphic novels when I picked up this one.