Chairman Juan Cabrillo and the rest of the Corporation’s mercenaries fight to stop a corrupt activist group from unleashing a viral attack in this #1 New York. Chairman Juan Cabrillo and the rest of the Corporation’s mercenaries fight to stop a corrupt activist group from unleashing a viral attack in this #1 New. For four novels, Clive Cussler has charted the exploits of the Oregon, a covert ship Plague Ship is a high-stakes, high-seas journey that proves once again that.

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Back at base, Lichtermann maintained a high level of military decorum and expected the same from his men.

It was the exhaust popping around the Fairley’s radial engine, and it was there that he targeted the withering fire, even as his own plane was continuously hammered by the British craft. Jul 28, Tim Seabrook rated it really liked it. Its infectious disease and action packed book really attracts the guys. The Oregon Files 1 – 10 of 13 books.

Nov 04, Stephen Roger Powers rated it liked it. He knew Lichtermann would tell him something as soon as he could.


Plague Ship : Oregon Files #5

The pilot added more power to the BMW radial engines, and banked the aircraft once again. Max managed to trick his security guard into letting his guard down for just long enough for Max to choke him until he was unconscious.

He and his crew appear to be one thing to the plgue world–a crew on a derelict ship barely functioning, when in actuality, the ship is a technological wonder that is used for top secret missions. Originally built as a grain carrier, the eight-thousand-ton vessel had spent five months in the Burntisland Shipyard having her superstructure replaced by a small control island, four hundred and sixty feet of run-way, and a hangar for four Fairley Swordfish torpedo bombers. This cruise ship of the dead is simply the beginning.


The Kondor had nothing to fear from the mass of Allied shipping unless it strayed within range of the destroyers and the curtain of antiaircraft fire they could throw into the sky. I don’t look for character development or inconsistencies like so many reviewers do.

Looking for beautiful books? They were the wakes of an armada of ships, driving eastward as fast as it could. I would also say more males would read this book than females.

Lichtermann began to level the Kondor. Wheeler Pub Inc Availability: It suddenly changed shape. Max caused a distraction allowing Eddie to escape to the balcony making his way down by jumping from balcony to balcony.

Plageu action is fast-paced and swirls around as the pieces of the puzzle come together bringing another intricately weaved plot to the fore. He knew his keen vision and steady hands would make him an excellent doctor. Other books in this series. Cussler is generally mind-candy meaning a good story, but generally not that great of cueslerbut I found that the writing on this one was better which I attribute to the author collaboration.

Works by Clive Cussler. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. However, if you like his other works, I am sure this is for you, but I can see this is not for me, and if your like me you wont need to get far into it before you say the same thing.

Open Preview See cllve Problem?

Plague Ship (Cussler novel) – Wikipedia

Jul 27, Linda rated it really liked it. He silently thanked the bright moonlight, because, at the mountain’s base, he could see a field of virgin white, a patch of glacial ice at least a mile long. The wing struck ice, and the aircraft began to spin, shedding parts in chunks. Like most of the Cussler novels, this one moves along quickly and there is plenty of action and witty dialogue. I thoroughly clivf it! Retrieved from ” https: Lichtermann’s head was back, his blue eyes unblinking.


Jun 03, Pages Buy. Lists with This Book. Turning the plane caused the wing surfaces to lose lift.

Plague Ship, by Clive Cussler

Captained by the rakish, one-legged Juan Cabrillo and manned by a crew of former military and spy personnel, cuxsler is a private enterprise, available for any gover “For four novels, Clive Cussler has charted the exploits of the Oregon, a covert ship completely dilapidated on the outside but on the inside packed with sophisticated weaponry and intelligence-gathering equipment. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Kessler continued to stare into the darkness, hoping to spot an enemy plane but praying he didn’t. When they find over dead bodies on the ship deck they decide to check out what happened.

Plague Ship

I just love Clive Cussler books! All the passangers are dead except one. Then came the loudest sound yet, an echoing explosion of torn metal that was followed immediately by the rank smell of high-octane aviation fuel.

Dec 27, Nick rated it it was ok. Frankly, I’ve read Clive Cussler books in the past that I didn’t care for This article does not cite any sources. Instead, it remained hidden behind the earth’s curvature, a faint glowing promise that crept along the line where sky met sea as the planet spun on its tilted axis. While investigating the scene, the ship is wracked by explosions and begins to sink – taking any clues to the bottom of the ocean.

It’s a brisk, action-packed read with an opener on par with some of Cussler’s best Dirk Pitt openers.