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The instances of this are so numerous and so various that we shall find it desirable to attempt a somewhat more detailed classification of them.

Consequently he has, to a certain extent, the use of his physical powers ccw while he is examining the distant scene; for example, his voice would usually still be under his control, so that he could describe what he saw even while he was in the act of making his observations. All these distinctions clairvoance of importance, and we shall have to take them all into consideration as leavbeater go on, but perhaps on the whole the most useful classification will be one something on the lines of that adopted by Mr.

Is it possible, we are often asked, for the seer to find any person with whom he wishes to communicate, anywhere in the world, whether he be living or dead?

This is what in various religions is called the method of meditation.

But it must be remembered that what I am about to describe is the result of the full and perfectly-controlled possession of the faculty only, and that most of the instances met with in real life will be likely to fall far short of it in one direction or another. In a perfect case of this clairvoyabce of clairvoyance it is almost as though the seer projected a part of his consciousness [Page 61] into the thought-form, and used it as a kind of outpost, from which observation was possible.

The nurse apparently was more frightened by its appearance than its presence, for after this she was afraid to stay in the house, and so spent the rest of the time until six o’clock in walking up and down outside.

Let us consider what changes its acquisition produces in the aspect of familiar objects, animate and inanimate, and then see to what entirely new coairvoyance it introduces us.

There is something still better, perhaps, for those who find that they can do it readily and easily; and that is contemplation.

In nine cases out of ten, however, such partial clairvoyance will at the same time lack precision also – that it is to say,there will be a good deal of vague impression and inference about it, instead of the clear-cut definition and certainty of the trained man.

To this class belong nearly all the fairies, gnomes, and brownies, about whom there are still so many stories remaining among Scotch and Irish mountains and in remote country places all over the world.

I am addressing myself to the better-instructed class who know that clairvoyance exists, and are sufficiently interested in the subject to be glad of information as to its methods and possibilities; and I would assure them that what I write is the result of much careful study and experiment, and that though some of the powers which I shall have to describe may seem new and wonderful to them, I mention no single one of which I have not myself seen examples.


Of course this latter method implies far greater development, since it involves the knowledge of and the power to use forces of a considerably higher level; so that the man who could make clairvoyxnce line in this way would not, for his own use, need a line at all, since he could see far more easily and completely by means of an altogether higher faculty. Sit down comfortably where you will not be disturbed, and, turn your mind, with all its newly-developed power of concentration upon some selected subject demanding high and useful thought.


Whatever we gain thus we possess, in full power and consciousness, and have it always at our command; for this is no mediumship, no leavbeater intermittent trance-quality, but the power of the developed and glorified life which is to be that of all humanity some day. Yet they certainly do produce results under favourable conditions, though not such results as any of us could possibly wish to obtain.

I have seen something of this, and also of the practices of the Obeah or Voodoo votaries among the Negroes; but these latter are usually connected with magical ceremonies, loathsome, indecent, horrible, such as none of us would dream of touching for any purpose, whatever results might be promised to us.

The additional dimension which would come into play if astral radiations were sensed instead of etheric would obviate some of the difficulties, but would on the the other hand introduce some fresh complications of its own; so that for practical purposes, in endeavouring to understand clairvoyance, we leadbdater dismiss this hypothesis of radiations from our minds, and turn to the methods of seeing at a distance which are actually at the disposal of the student.

In the case of another subdivision of them the solitary case has been the seeing of an apparition most commonly of some friend or relative at the point of death.

Since all instances of partial sight must of necessity fit into some niche in this whole, if he has the outline of the entire scheme in his head he will find it comparatively easy with a little practice to classify the instances with which he is called upon to deal.

There are, in fact, many instances clairboyance which it has been seen by the person thought of – most probably by means of the unconscious mesmeric influence emanating from the original thinker. Not as fully as Leadbeatter should wish in such-and-such ways; I can think, in looking back, that I have not shown these qualities as I should.

I am not referring to the keenness of sight or of hearing that enables one man to see a fainter object or hear a slighter sound than another; it cq not in the least a question of strength of leadeater, but of extent of susceptibility. If he is to do this, and to do it well, he must purify the mental, the astral and the physical; he must cast aside his pet vices and his physical impurities; he must cease to defile his body with meat, with alcohol or tobacco, and try to make himself pure and clean all through, on this lower plane as well as on the higher ones.

Clairvoyance By C. W. Leadbeater, Free ebook | Global Grey

On a certain occasion some people came to Madame Blavatsky, and asked her upon what they should meditate; she threw a matchbox down on the table, and said: The extended sight also enables him to perceive, more or less clearly, various classes of creatures, elemental and otherwise, whose bodies are not capable of reflecting any of the rays within the limit of the spectrum as ordinarily seen.

This fact, however, has its limitations as well as its advantages, and these again largely resemble the limitations of the man using a telescope on the physical plane. Think what it would be if your hand were as little under your control as your mind is, if it did not obey your command, but started aside from what you wished it to do.

There are even many ways in which the faculty may be gained, though most of them are unsafe and eminently undesirable, and there is only one that can be thoroughly and unreservedly recommended to all men alike. Many people meditate daily alone, and obtain great help by so doing; but nevertheless there are even greater possibilities of result when a group of people concentrate their minds xlairvoyance the one thing. In his books he tells us that he has himself succeeded in developing this power of higher conception in the physical brain, and several of our own members have followed in his footsteps.


Students of Theosophical literature are well aware that there are such teachers to be found – that even in this materialistic nineteenth century the old saying is still true, that “when the pupil is ready, the Master is ready also” and that “in the hall of learning, when he is capable of entering there, the disciple will always find his Master”.

Claiirvoyance may be said to partake somewhat of the nature of the magnetization of a bar of steel; for it consists in what we might call the polarization, by an effort of the human will, of a number of parallel lines of astral atoms reaching from the operator to the scene which he wishes to observe. When he lies down at night he leaves his physical body to the rest which it requires, while he goes about his business in the far more comfortable astral vehicle.

The nearest to what is really meant by meditation would be to hold the mind firmly upon our own image of Him, if we are able to construct leadebater good strong thought-image. The story of such an application and its results occurs so leaebeater and comes from so many different parts of the world that there must certainly be some truth behind it, as there always is behind really universal popular tradition.

When he awakens his physical body, he remembers leadbeager or less of his visions, and tries to interpret them, and in that way he often obtains a great reputation for clairvoyance and prevision.

If we wish to develop any higher oeadbeater, we must begin by gaining control over this mind of ours. So far we have thought only of an extension of the purely physical senses of man; and when we remember that a man’s etheric body is in reality merely the finer part of his physical frame, and that therefore all his sense-organs contain a large amount of etheric matter of various degrees of density, the capacities of which are still practically latent in most of us, we shall see that even if we confine ourselves to this line of development alone there are enormous possibilities of all kinds already opening out before us.

Rajinder Kumar rated it really liked it Oct leadveater, But choose your time, and let it be the same time each day, and let no day pass without your regular effort. The vast kingdom of nature-spirits is in the main an astral kingdom, but still there is a large section of it which appertains to the etheric part of the physical plane, and this section, of course, is much more likely to come within the ken of ordinary people than the others.

If a man finds after some effort that it is impossible for leadbdater to make a clear thought-image, it will be well for him to seat himself before a portrait of the Master, and fix his gaze earnestly upon it while thinking as above suggested.

We need not ask Him to pour it out on us, because He is doing that all the time. Francisco rated it really liked it Jul 15,