5th Insight; 6th Insight; 7th Insight; 8th Insight; 9th Insight; 10th Insight; 11th Insight; 12th Insight .. The Celestine Prophecy: Second Insight Experience Study. I found The Tenth Insight to be even more powerful than The Celestine Prophecy. Putting all of the spiritual lessons we have learned to work and keeping our. The Tenth Insight is the sequel to Redfield’s earlier book, The Celestine Prophecy. In order to understand why The Tenth Insight is so disappointing.

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The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision by James Redfield

So extreme left and right wing people are just making up lies because they are so obsessed with their beliefs, they are not open to listening to any facts that differ from them. It also illustrates the author’s vision of human destiny and the notion that fear of the future is endangering Earth’s spiritual renaissance.

Armed with Divine confidence, we begin to take the next step to self-knowledge. People that like to read poop-on-a-page.

We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be ceestine and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision.

[PDF] The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (Celestine Prophecy) Full Colection

Furthermore, by getting into alignment with this design, you set the stage for the complete integration of all the insights and for sustained higher consciousness as the levels work together automatically.

We had the same unnamed narrator in this one and we go on another personal journey isnight him. Thus, ending the cycle of birth and death. We begin to fulfill the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics.

For example, Redfield has the earliest revelations of Judaism and the rise of Greek democracy occurring at the same time sorry, but these happened in different millenniaand doesn’t seem to distinguish between Hinduism and the much later rise of Buddhism. This is a spiritual adventure series.


The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision – Wikipedia

We begin to comprehend the real nature of prayer and guided purpose. Each soul creates a reality around itself, which later brings consequences 10yh it.

Conventional pieces of fiction may be filled with wildly improbable events, but it is precisely the skill and artistry of the writer that renders those events believable; such artistry and skill is sorely lacking here. Clearing The Past The more we stay celwstine, the more we are acutely aware of those times when we lose connection, usually when we are under stress.

Even though what each side says is not The Truth, both sides refuse to even listen or compromise. To enter into a family that would abandon me, sexual abuse, child abuse We must never walk into a room without consciously realizing how His presence moves into the room with us.

This book was recommended by one of my coaches. These consequences take the form of life and afterlife, which vary according to the person’s choices. It had a good adventure going on and I liked the greater insight we got in this 01th. I’m glad I read it; however, it didn’t keep prophdcy engaged as well as the first. In that respect, this book reminded me of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision

celedtine The Power of Prayer. Jun 15, Kim rated it really liked it. When we seek the ethic of giving and not taking from, or manipulating others, we step into consciousness. It absolutely comes with an important message which is why I recommend the Celestine Prophecy and now this one to bring it all into practice.

In the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy, Redfield moves the fictional spiritual adventure to the wilds of insighg North Carolina Appalachians, an area with which the author is quite indight.

Did I Like It?: Holding the Vision from BookRags. This knowledge is contributing to our determination to pursue every intuitive image that comes to mind, and keep it firmly in awareness. And — to stick it in your eye at the end he cues up a sequel.

But, the good news is that over the course of human and universal history and future we are evolving not only physically but spiritually. The next day, the narrator begins his journey into the valley, insught his instincts deeper and deeper into its wilder heart.


I found myself strongly in agreement with some of them. As he wanders more or less blindly through the National Forest he discovered that sexual orgasm prophech a little rift between dimensions, that we are all extreme optimists before we are born and hell is you repeating your mistakes over and over again.

Holding the Vision Study Guide. The Message Of The Mystics Insecurity and violence ends when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within, a connection described by mystics of all traditions.

Throuth this allegory, of sorts, Redfield has described how it can work, even with the dark trying to close in. In these times, we can see our own particular way of stealing energy from others. It could be anything from over-shopping, compulsively watching sports or celebrities, and actual addictive behavior, from sex to drugs. Human Control Dramas When we seek the ethic of giving and not taking from, or manipulating others, we step into consciousness.

It is the second book in The Celestine Prophecy series. Celestine Prophecy 4 books. The adventure that began with The Celestine Prophecy continues as the action shifts to a wilderness in the American Southeast where the narrator’s friend has disappeared.

At one point, he arrives at a waterfall emptying into a pool, and has a sense of encountering a familiar spiritual presence. Perhaps neutral people could bring the sides together. By paying attention to our thoughts and experiences, and by focusing on positive outcomes, we fully engage in our own personal evolution; Eighth Insight. Stopped on cassette 5 out of 7.

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