1 review for The Misted Cliffs by Catherine Asaro. Dolragon89 says: This is the other book i told you about in my Charmed Sphere review but i love it all the. One generation after war had nearly destroyed three nations, evil was returning. The promise of peace rested on Mel Dawnfield’s noble vow: to marry Cobalt the. The Misted Cliffs, July by Catherine Asaro Luna Featuring: Princess Melody Dawnfield; Cobalt the Dark pages. ISBN:

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The good characters also were nicely depicted which isn’t much of a change from book 1. His half-crazy mother and terror-inducing grandfather raised him, and hold much of the blame for his dark heart.

The author attempts to soften him with teensy flashes of humor, and he is tender and gentle with Mel. Everyone is profoundly affected by the experiences of their childhood, good and bad — but by the time a man reaches the age of 33, he should have gained a bit of perspective.

I really enjoyed Cobalt as a character. Abused and isolated by his grandfather, Cobalt has long-simmering issues of anger and ambition. Cobalt was mistedd confused all the time, which added depth to his character.

The emotional climax, when Cobalt realizes how much Mel means to him, is so inflated with melodrama that I felt a bit manipulated. The book has a somewhat shallow feel. ChickAdvisor is your destination to rate and review your favourite products as well as receive some for free through the Product Review Club.

Mar 28, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t like the romance between Cobalt and Asado little bit too Beauty and the Beast for me but overall I enjoyed it a lot more than the first in the series.


As for Mel herself, I have less to say about her. I don’t yet know the title of the third book in the trilogy, tge no doubt it will bring us even deeper into this world where love and magic are intertwined.

The Misted Cliffs (Lost Continent, #2) by Catherine Asaro

This whole series just lacks art and style in its delivery. Advanced Search Reviews Search. If you’re wanting a casual read, then you might like this book. The characters were a bit stiff-too much explaining how they thought instead of just letting them think-and the first five chapters had way to much description.

Log in or register now! Right dose of magic, romance, and conquest. Definitely not one of her greatest books, I still enjoyed the plotline. I really loved this book. I much enjoyed the Charmed Sphere, so I was excited to thf this book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The foreshadowing is painfully obvious. But why at age 33! Asro could really see them as the instigators of a war this time around.

A new tale of terror and magic in a brand new world. For her enemies were gathering strength and they would soon unleash the darkest of evils in the name of war. In the final battle, Mel’s ability to harness her magic would mean the difference between a harmonious world As a result, this story just became one big glob of been-there-done-that-better. It is part of his character and he will always be dark and driven to some degree; he has better balance now and Mel there to remind and guide him when necessary, but there hasn’t been a magical and unrealistic reforming of his essential character.


Catherine Asaro is a talented and highly respected author.

The ending was not as conclusive, and you knew there was going to be another book, but it was sweet. Dec 26, Julia rated it liked it. And the way she learns about her powers was really fun. She’s just so spunky. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Log in Save time by logging in with Facebook.

The Misted Cliffs

Coming home has never felt so good. Mar 19, Mutant Supermodel rated it liked it. Apr 02, RogueHireling rated it it was ok.

However, once things cathdrine going, the book began to take off. Nov 19, Minni Mouse rated it it was ok Shelves: But underneath his rough exterior he is gentle and smart, and when he falls in love with Mel she helps to mellow him out a bit. At least there was nothing written about a quivering love pudding, which, yes, was in a real published book. The next time she is attacked, she has tapped out her mage abilities and basically wilts. Feb 10, Manda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviews and Ratings 4.

I would have liked to learn more about the history of this complex world. His wife, Dancer, was the daughter and only child of the king of the Misted Cliffs.