ALCAD – 4. 1 or 2 point installations. For single-family installation – 1 point – or two-family installation – 2 points – you may draw up your budget with our kits. At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. CATALOGO ALCAD 08 ENG IGA :INGLES 10/12/08 Página 1. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of.

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Available filters onpage CF Independent housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency cir- cuit.

Alcad Catalogue – TOPMODE

Characteristics Highly robust antenna with great resistance to sun and saltpetre. The accessoires for fixing the antenna are made of galvanised iron. The base is Base for embeddingmade from zinc-plated iron, it has four M12 BEfixing points with double bolts for the stand of the dish with a distance between axis by mm. The chan- nel should be specified in the order. The signal obtained can bedistributed to a large number of TV outlets by means of a single coaxialcable.

Avai- lable in different bands, with different standards and channel tables.

aalcad The gain control of each input of the amplifier permits the adjustment of the levels of each antenna. The multiswitch distributes a satellite polarity together with MU the terrestrial TV for each output.

Manrose Catalogue Manrose Catalogue. Channel converter equip- 6 ment to organize the spectrum according to our needs. TV standard tables and identification of channels. Characteristics Filters programmable by channel or filter. The filters are installed during the factory manufacturing process and cannot be readjusted by the user.


Packed individually, except for the BU antenna which is supplied in a multiple pack. Orders should indicate the number of multiple packs and not the number of antennas. Made from an alu- minium profile and galvanised plate. CharacteristicsMade from ABS plastic with an internal chassis of zamak giving maximum shielding.

Modulator with mono audio in VSB vestigial side band, designed to work with adjacent channels. Star-shaped installation which distributes the cataloyo and satellite TV to the outlets, the distribution is made on the 5 to 2, MHz band. Applications MEIn Catqlogo, MATV and individual installations it is used to combine the signals after amplification at the head-end of the installation or as a separator to distribute the terrestrial and satellite signals to different points.

Large size reflector, elevation angle adjustment, mounting in either horizontal or vertical polarity. These installations commonly have long runs of cable which attenuate and unbalance the signal. Characteristics Rejects GSM signals as well as signals coming from the lower part of the antenna.

The number of modules which it can feed varies according to the consumption of the modules and of the consumption of the LNBs in the case of SAT amplifier modules. The cables are then tensed so that the mast is perfectly vertical.

It includes two outputs to make the distribution to 4 or more televisions. It has a gain control and variable slope control. Equipment recommended for installations in hotels, hospitals and other big buildings. The AM amplifier only admits the low and high pass filter. ZF Accessories LA pin flat cable adaptor.


Includes a protection fuse which the installer can access easily. It allows distribution of FM and DAB radio and of tele- vision signals to be combined using a single piece of equipment. Each module allows the amplification of four digital channels and the ZP model also amplifies an analogue channel.

Characteristics Transmission of the remote control via radio, on the 2. The levels for broadband amplifiers are also specified according to the DIN B norms as are the levels for monochannel amplifiers in norm DIN K. Characteristics An essential feature of the equip-7 ment is its low consumption, and, as such, its excellent reliability.

Tv catalogue alcad

Zlcad Applications Used to combine the output channels of the modulators or of satellite receivers in installations with a great number of channels. Other combinations include 2 power supply unitsan amplifier and 8 modules, or 2 power supply units and 9 modules. We capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people. High gain and outputlevel. Characteristics The equipment equalises the levels of all the transpon- 7 ders and maintains the levels by means of an AGC automatic gain control.

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