The Awarif ul-Maarif is recognized as a great work pertaining to Tasawwuf or Ed edition (December 31, ); Language: English; ISBN The book Awarif Ul Maarif Urdu Pdf is an Urdu translation of the Arabic text. The author of Awarif -ul- Maarif (English) By Shaykh Shahabuddeen. Shams Ul. : Awarif Ul Maarif English () by Shaykh Shihabuddin and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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yl And recognizeth them without delay ; him, they call Arif. The mole is the point of unity, single yet embracing all phenomena. Their directions are on counsel and on rectitude; and the foundation of the path of salvation and prosperity. On Tauhid unity of Godand Zat existence of God. Because if the injured one had heartily opposed the lust of the injurer, the darkness of lust would, through mazrif lumi- nosity of the heart, have departed.

Thus they confess not their religion ; and to disclose the mystery thereof — is the deepest sin. Marriage is the cause: Without the seed of the father, the acceptance of it by the mother, its settlement in the womb, and the passing of the appointed time in the world of hikmat — it existeth not. When under the sway of orders, nafs becometh quiet and the veins of its attach- ment to the heart are torn out, there maarir integrity and concordance between it and the heart, and it becometh worthy of delights envlish of kindness.

If it gather strength, thereto he maketh no haste without the preferring engish earnest prayer and of much knowledge. As the existence of Adam.

So concealed from the glance of strangers keepeth He His special ones that, concealed from their own sight, they are. From these two orders are derived the five following orders: Thus to another they spake.


He said What say they? Yakln hath three degrees. What from revelation they have seen, in it with certainty, they have had faith the faith, which from the prophets to the hearts of nations according to their purity hath reached. At this stage, if the form of the phrase of tauhid which is the meaning of zikr become effaced from the outward face of the heart, to the inward face of the heart its truth is joined.

Tawakkul trusting to God. The maTifat of nafs is in all qualities difficult, for nafs hath the nature of the cha- meleon. These have severed all worldly ties and calamities. His followers were struck with the scene, and said: Shunning the society of man.

Awarif ul Maarif, the

From these evils, repentance before death will free one. This shahadat, they perform by the tongue of deed not by the tongue of the mouth.

S3 When out from his own existence, the possessor of wujud is wholly effaced ; and in the existence of maujud is left standing — he is the zat of maujud englidh existence engllsh the existence of God not the gat of wajid or the gat of the slave. Sahl hath by the abandoning of will made the speciality of the ‘ilm-i-hal ; because loftier than it, is no hal.

Greediness and asking for more. Thus against these orders, God cautioneth His own slaves. Nafs-i-mutma,inna is indeed another nafs.

The Awarif-ul-Maarif – (English) – (PB)-Islamic Book Store

In reducing the clayey parts — the source of pollution, of darkness, of coarseness — scantiness of food is wholly effective.

If thou dost not, with me, what business hast thou? But for those, whose times are immersed in devotion, the washing of the white garment occupieth too much time. Those who wish further to pursue the subject of sufl.


Full text of “Umar Suhrawardi Awarif Al Maarif”

Though in the time of the sending of the sunnat, was no khilvat, yet before that time, Muhammad, through exceeding love for God, and sincerity of desire — held esteemed khilvat ; used to go to the caves of Hara ; and there used to pass nights uo zikr and in devotion. Be not grieved ; for to-morrow the judgment daythy mediator, shall I be. Thy forgiveness for it, I ask ; before Thee, I repent ; me, forgive and my repentance accept.

Perfection, who shall discover, save he who is perfect? Ever is described His ancient existence by unity ; and known by singularity. When thoughts of lust and of desire arrive, it putteth not in the first place steadiness or delay; it immediately desireth to enact it ; there- fore in their proper place evident become not rest and motion.

To re-enter, it is first necessary that he should present victuals, which the sufis call gharamat fine. At night, she used to go to the house-top, and to say: If the heart be present with God, it is shahid witness of God ; if the heart be present with the people, it is shahid of the people.

Many are the pretenders and the deceived ones, who, by doubt of this stage, become proud ; lay down in the plain of license their own nafs free from incumbrance ; and travel in the desert of destruction.