Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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The name field is required. Professor Kittredge should not be held responsible for any imperfections in my exposition of his masterly argument, the plan of which I have not thought it necessary to retain.

When it took place the Etain type had already in all likelihood suffered considerable change. Please enter recipient e-mail address es. So on the eighth day after the King had started, they met in the bedchamber at midday and mounted the bed together, little heeding the presence of the wolf. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. This tale, as is evident, stands in close relation to both Arthur and Gorlagon and to Morrahaand represents a simpler stage of development.


For yours is a weighty question, and there are few who know how to answer it, and when I have told you all you will be but little the wiser. Perhaps the human shape which he has lost may thereby be recovered. I pray you, order the table to be removed, as the service of so many dishes interrupts our conversation.

Arthur and Gorlagon Author: The Latin narrator had a Welsh original, as is proved by the forms of the names: It is noteworthy that the current folktale, whilst exhibiting the altered machinery, which indeed it still further alters and complicates, does not go to anything like the same length in the change of moral attitude.

So when King Gorlagon saw that he could not by any means prevail upon him to dismount, he said, “Arthur, since you persist in your resolve to take no food until you know what you ask of me, although the labour of telling you the tale be great, and there is little use in telling it, yet I will relate to you what happened to a certain king, and thereby you will be able to test the heart, the nature, and the ways of women.


And the bloodstained head which that woman sitting opposite me embraces in the dish she has in front of her is the head of that youth for love of whom she wrought so great a crime against me.

But she did not show the care for him which she ought to have done. With text in Latin, edited for the first time from the Rawlinson manuscript B. In the treatment of the wife Melion is nearer to Morraha than to Arthur and Gorlagon ; although pronounced guilty, she is spared.

Catalog Record: Arthur and Gorlagon : versions of The | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Read at Meeting17 th December In me you may recognise that wolf who, as you have heard, was transformed first from a man into a wolf, and then from a wolf into a man again. The wolf, overwhelmed with very great grief for the loss of his cubs and maddened by the greatness of his sorrow, made nightly forays against the flocks and herds of that province, and attacked them with such great slaughter that all the inhabitants, placing in ambush a large pack of hounds, met together to hunt and catch him; and the wolf, unable to endure these daily vexations, made for a neighbouring country and there began to carry on his usual ravages.

Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Furthermore, traces of contamination are glaringly evident.

For yours is a weighty question: When asked the cause of all the tumult, that cunning Queen concocted a lying story, and told grlagon servants that the wolf had devoured her son, and had torn the sewer as they saw while he was attempting to rescue the little one from death, and that he would have treated her in the same way had they not arrived in time to succour her.

King Gorlagon, artur was older than himself, telling him that he had no doubt that Gorlagon was mighty in the knowledge of the things he was inquiring into, if indeed it was certain that anyone had any knowledge of them. The one returned thanks for all the many kindnesses which had been shown him: The same contamination with the Gellert story appears as in Arthur and Gorlagon ; also with the atrhur of the Child-Stealing Monster.

Criticism, interpretation, etc Additional Physical Format: The wolves, when what they had done was made known, fled swiftly away and escaped in safety.


Such a process would be facilitated and hastened by the fusion of the two story-types postulated above; what in either was equivocal in the character of the heroine would put on a darker aspect. If this thing were known to me alone, Arthur he repliedI would by no means tell it you; but as it is well known to all who are sitting at table with me, I am not ashamed that you also should be made acquainted with it.

So at last, compelled by the severity of her punishment, she produced the sapling and handed it to the King. If all the gods were to cry from heaven “Arthur, dismount and eat,” I would neither dismount nor eat until I had learnt the rest.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon

Arthur denied that he was overwrought, pledging himself withal that he would never eat until he had learnt what he was in search of. Who is that woman sitting opposite you of a sad gotlagon, and holding before her in a dish a human head bespattered with blood, who has wept whenever you have smiled, and who has kissed the bloodstained head whenever you have kissed your wife during the telling of your tale?

Kittredge, George Lyman, Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the arthhr and scholarly community it serves. The werwolf knows nothing of the third king when he appeals to him for protection, which would be absurd if he were really his brother.

Qrthur these events news was brought to the Queen that the King was returning sooner than had been expected. On the other hand, the form and conduct of the story wear an archaic golragon genuine folk character; the triadic arrangement, the repeated attempts, couched in a set formula, to induce Arthur to desist, find their parallels in the phenomena of popular story-telling generally, but especially in those of Gaelic popular story-telling as it still flourishes, and as it can be proved to have flourished for the last eight hundred years at least.