Status: Alert Withdrawn. Norwegian title: Marine Drilling Riser Couplings. English title: Marine Drilling Riser Couplings. Item type: Standard (Kun elektronisk). Tensile test, performed in accordance with the API Spec. 16R standard, is used to verify whether the design of key load bearing parts of the marine riser, such as. As recommended by API Spec 16R, the stress linearization and classification in one of the key steps to design a riser connector. The designers are encountering .

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All makeup and preload tools. These standards are not intended to obviate the need for applying sound engineering judgment regarding when and where these standards should be utilized.

The SAF is a function of the double amplitude range of alternating stress.

API Product Specification

Mechanical testing shall be performed per ASTM A, E after all a;i treatment for mechanical properties and shall use representative test coupons. A comprehensive list of de? A nominal applied loading condition used during coupling design, analysis, and testing based on a maximum anticipated service loading. Tensile and impact specimens shall be removed from the QTC so that their longitudinal centerline axis is wholly within the center core 1?

Surfaces of ground out area for repair welds shall be examined prior to welding to ensure defect removal to the acceptance criteria of fabrication welds 7. Standards monitoring is a free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work.

The rated load or rated working pressure of the coupling may be greater than that apec an assembled riser joint. This ensures that you are always up-to-date and saves you both time and money. A pure shear stress in a section is the average stress induced by a force transverse to the section. Sealing is an example of a functional requirement that often is affected by large permanent deformation.


A cyclic load or fatigue test may be performed to verify fatigue calculations and to check that no areas of stress concentration were overlooked in the design analysis.

Loads can be induced on the coupling from pressure in the lines, imposed de? This support constrains the lines to approximate the curvature of the zpi pipe.

API Spec 16R (R)

For this reason, it is required that the stresses in each coupling be calculated with a? The maximum shear stress theory of failure can be used in lieu of the von Mises theory of failure. Sometimes a one-time extension of up to two years will be added to this review cycle. Subscription – always available and updated A web subscription provides an easy and secure access to standards, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition.

Read more about subscriptions. The following procedure shall be used for an individual coupling design: At least one hardness test shall be performed in both the weld and in the adjacent unaffected base metal after all heat treatment and machining operations. API standards are published to facilitate the broad availability of proven, sound engineering and operating practices. No rounded indications greater than two-thirds of weld thickness. Finite Element Analysis performed in accordance with 4.

API Spec 16R (R2010)

Metal impression stamp shall be used in low stressed area on both box and pin ends. Marine drilling risers Design Couplings.

Auxiliary loads as de? Please note that extra delivery cost and delivery time may apply for products ordered sec hardcopy, as the products must first be shipped from our suppliers overseas.

It consists in calculating the membrane and bending stresses in a given plane by averaging over 16g suitable portion of a cross-section the results of the linearization in the stress classification lines SCLs located in the selected plane.

Hardness values shall meet the requirements of the manufacturer’s written speci? This site uses cookies. Some tools below are only available to our subscribers or users with an online account.


The weight of a riser coupling shall include the sum of the in-air weights of 61r structural components of the coupling, the lock mechanisms, wpec the brackets or clamps that support the end extremities of auxiliary and choke and kill lines.

On the other hand, averaging over too large an area results in the general membrane stress, not the local membrane stress.

The determination of a riser’s response to the environmental loading and determination of the mechanical loads acting upon and developed within the riser require specialized computer modeling and analysis.

All materials for primary load carrying components, including weld metals, shall be low alloy steels having properties, as represented by test coupons conforming to the speci? These tests shall be performed on a full-scale coupling specimen s to qualify the design of each coupling model. All components that affect the stiffness of the coupling shall be considered in the model.

Average for three specimens: A web subscription provides an easy and secure access to standards, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition. This is graphically shown in Figure C If a membrane stress is averaged only over a localized portion of a cross-section, it is a local membrane stress. Indication which is circular or elliptical with its length less than three times the width. An example of a peak stress is the high localized stress at the root of a thread in a bolt.

For these couplings, stresses at loads other than the analysis loads can be calculated using the rules of linear interpolation specc extrapolation. A minimum of two Brinell hardness tests shall be performed on the QTC after the?

Four or more relevant indications in a line separated by less than 1?