Snakehead (Alex Rider Book 7) and millions of other books are available for instant . This item:Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure) by Anthony Horowitz. year-old Alex finds himself again facing Scorpia, tangled with the Australian Secret Service, and on a personal quest for information about his parents. Having read many books in this fantastic series, it was time for me to read the seventh book, which is called Snakehead. As usual in this.

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This mission shows that he is compassionate and brave. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alex had to go with, because he was the only one anthonny could stop the Royal Blue bomb. You know MI6 will make an appearance sooner or later and you know Alex will escape sudden deaths in many unrealistic ways.

This is one of my favorite segments of the Alex Rider series, and one of my favorite books, now. Let Sleeping Dragons Lie. Where is it going? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz – review

At the end of the novel, Jack StarbrightAlex’s housekeeper, calls a mysterious person over for dinner. Jorowitz book would definitely send you on a mental roller-coaster that you would want to get on over and over again.

Wanting to know more about his Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz is an adventure spy book where a english child is taken in by MI6 and sent out into the field as the perfect disguise, a child. He eventually finds Royal Blue and sees Major Yu scanning his fingerprints into a machine that will give him sole control over the bomb. He then goes to a military base and goes on a barbecue with a few of the troops there and finds himself on a war field by accident.


While leaving he falls off a waterfall, but is rescued by ASIS. Snakehead First edition cover. Alex needed to look like this because Snakehead deals with smuggling people into different countries, including Australia.

The mission would be quite simple, Alex would be flown to Bangkok where he’d meet with the agent he’d work with, then his appearance would be altered to make him look like an Afghan refugee. The fifth book, Scorpia, was had l My thoughts about the Alex Rider series changed with every book I read.

Alex goes to Bangkok undercover then meets his godfather and is going to be smuggled back into Australia but on the way Ash and Alex have to gather Information and find Major Yu Snakeheads captin but they find something that will haunt Sjakehead memories. It had lots of mystery and lots of parts that had importance in the end. I give it five out of five stars. But in the end, he prevailed and learned the true nature of his godfather and Alex no longer cared about him and that he died.

Snakehead (novel) – Wikipedia

They do all sorts of illegal stuff, like fights, smuggling, assassinations and human and organ trafficking. The author tried to make it personal by bringing Ash into the antbony but I don’t think that really added anything-Horowitz needs to go in a new direction with Alex.

Retrieved from ” https: Such places include Australia, Bangkok, anthonj back in his native land of Britain. My favourite characters are Alex, Smithers, the cheery gadget inventor, the heartless and still MI6 operator Alan Blunt and Yassen Gregorovitch, the stone cold assassin. Just a moment while we sign you snaakehead to your Goodreads account. Children and Young Adult Literature portal. Trivia About Snakehead Alex R Yu escapes, but Alex detonates the bomb early and it goes off relatively harmlessly; the only casualty is Yu, who is killed in the resulting shock wave due to his inordinately fragile bone structure.


Flight of the Falcon. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The author undoes this good work at the end of the book as he enjoys school once more. Alex had done it again, he saved thousands of lives.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

This edition also featured an afterword by Anthony who revealed the origins and thoughts behind most of the names from the series. Alex is then briefed about “Royal Blue” by Mrs. Alex Rider 1 3 Dec 26, Anthony Horowitz has lived up to his reputation and has created another spell bounding plot, which does not allow the reader to put the book down! After closer inspection, alex learns that Major Yu stole an experimental british bomb and was going to use it to cause a Tsunami.

To ask other snakdhead questions about Snakeheadplease sign up. But this time he is working with the ASIS or Australian secret service but he can’t wait to meet his godfather but at the end of the book he finds out something devastating something so bad that it could change Alex’s live forever.

Oct 24, Maya rated it it was amazing. Snakehead takes place directly after the events of Ark Angelwith Alex finding himself in Australian waters where he landed at the end of that story.