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Antema results are even worse over dry soil. The real ground makes the currents flowing out of the antenna to return though a medium of low electric conductivity.

In this first analysis we consider a perfect ground and zero radials. Resistencia Total de la antena. The following analysis takes into account only one radial or counterpoise, which is the option chosen by monoolo manufacturers of portable vertical HF antennas.


The balun is rather easy to make you need only a few items. Buscar en este sitio.

The radiation efficiency is three times bigger than in the previous case and the antenna gain is 6 dB better. Although the antenna is still omnidirectionalthe first observed effect of an imperfect ground is an elevation of the mpnopolo lobe fig.


Manos libres con Walkies Icom. Ganancia en dB de una Antena. That is, this is an antenna with losses.

J-Pole 10 y 6m. Un ejemplo de este tipo de antena, usando un balun, es la que presenta Frederick R. The impedance omnopolo the antenna at its feeding point changes, making necessary to design again the antenna length, or to use a matching network or antenna coupler.

The takeoff angle of radiation was not too bad.

Torres de Antena Monopolo – Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China

Calculo de dipolos acortados. Here is how the box would looked with the assembled balun.

Typically the match would shift to the lower side. This is a basic balun for a wire antenna, and it worked great for the flagpole! Mantenimiento de la TT.

Utilidad de la tierra. It also includes the results obtained simulating several radial configurations up to radials.

ANTENA MONOPOLO by Moises Albert Santos on Prezi

This was our in! However, they did not prohibit a flagpole to show off the colors. Two wire broadband HF dipole. PSK en banda CB. Those effects would be even worse over a dry soil.


antena monopolo de cuarto de onda – Spanish-English Dictionary

Monopole with 4 radials. This was accomplisted by using a rotor post-hole monoolo, and making a 6″ wide by 3′ deep hole. It’s a wonderful sight. A little low, but generally OK for most 20 meter use. La antena vertical es una antena completa, pero necsita de un plano de masa o de tierra para poder funcionar correctamente y para que su eficiencia sea igual a la de una atena dipolo. Again, keep in mind that match does not translate to good radiation pattern, so after adjusting the antenna for match, make sure it radiates well.

They were cut to about 25 feet in length.